Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 14, 2019

When DNA Goes Awry at Conception

dna malfunction

The adventure of seeing thru spirits eyes continued yesterday!! They chose (I do not choose) two people on yesterdays dance card to reveal their Light field. What spirit was doing was contracting the various situations of our earth experience/earth life.

I do want to point out before I forget, neither of the two ladies were on my TV screen. Instead, there was a two way flow of energy instead of a buffer between the fields.

My first lady, I have been connecting with for years. She was born with some physical challenges, such as organs not in the correct place in her body and her pain sensors on most of the time.

Keeping in mind, every one of us, every living thing on this earth, is a hybrid of sorts. Bits and pieces spliced into our human genetics from other realms. Her team explained as her reading unfolded that the ET aspect of her DNA did not convert to human DNA at conception. Kind of like a misfire. So the parts of her that is from another realm, developed as it would in that species. They also explained it was not intended to be like that for her. We tend to see spirit as infallible, but they are the ones on a evolutionary path, so they are learning thru our experiences.

I also came to realize that their really is a field that you, we all exist on. So far the three people I seen in this way, all circular, which is the way I have always seen it in readings. Very much like a flat base, or a large rug that we experience Life from. This field expands and contracts depending on what we are doing or who/what we are involved with.

Now my lady, she had a very unique quality to this field of light. Instead of being completely flat, her outer edges curled up. This type of field is unique to her ET species and needed for their way of energetic life.

The flat field serves the human b allowing the energies to run off and spread outwards. With my lady,, because the edges curled up, the energies coming in roll our and then back to her. This creates an overload of energy and the reason her pain body is always amplified.

At the top of her center field of light, the area within everyone’s field that the body and energy system exists, were these three antenna like things that moved slowly up and down. It reminded me of the way lava in a lava lamp moves. They were also shaped like the top of a femur bone, Again, these light fields are unique to her ET species and go in and out of various dimensions, collecting energies from those dimensions and bringing it back into the light body. Another aspect that is not conducive to the human form. It’s just too much constant energy, coupled with the fact there is no run off, her receptors are always on, which creates pain in the body.

They did give her meditation exercises to do to funnel off these energies and use it for creation purposes as well.

Granted, the birthing team in spirit could have easily terminated the pregnancy, but her soul was up for the challenge of experiencing life in this way. And she has truly mastered the art of living in a high energy body giving fuel to the ascension process of the Life on earth thru her efforts!

I am going to have to save the last one for tomorrow. I have got to get to physical therapy. It is mind blowing on so many levels. It will show you how negativity affects all things and how your light assists all things.

I do have to wonder why now are we being shown this in such intimate and exciting ways. Ahhhhh the excitement of our evolution story!! Until tomorrow…

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with pure joy and excitement to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. So fascinating about the ET, and humans. We can see how the ET’s organs are when the humans have organs in different places.


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