Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 13, 2019

We Are Living Light Fields, Experiencing Other Light Fields.

life field

What an amazing, surprising day in the field of readings yesterday!!! Things have shifted in ways I could not even fathom!! One of my incredible ladies showed up with this beautiful crystal rain coming down in front of her and along side of her, I realized there was nothing behind her. There was nothing behind anyone. The only energy/influence that exists from time gone by, is what we consciously or unconsciously bring forward. As I looked out in front of my lady, there were little buds coming up thru the ground. Her team explained that there were dreams and desires from her childhood that never became realized and now… it is time. Her team also explained that she was a very wise child (and i felt we were in the 6-8 year old age range) that focused on her needs down the road. Things long forgotten thru time and challenges upon life’,s path.

Her team also explained that not all children are wise due to surrounding influence of parents, peers and so on. They close down, where some, her in-particular, remain open and focused regardless of exterior input. The fact that she is entering her solar new year, her 62nd birthday this weekend, makes me realize that its never too late to have childhood dreams realized.

As I was sitting waiting for my next reading, I could hear her team ask me to read for here in my livingroom. I have my reading field set up in my kitchen and is where I do all my readings now, so I was rather surprised to her this request, but hey, I do listen to spirit now and again (smile.)

So let me set up my livingroom for you. I sit on my couch and about 8 feet in front of me is my 70” TV on the wall. Her team explained that we are going to read in a new way so she does not get hit with any more energy from the connection. The next thing I know, I could see me, her and her new guide standing in the black of my TV (my TV was obviously off.)

I read for her as the Lions Gate started and I could see shards of energy coming down slant ways straight into her eyes. She had something that looked like little pac men inside her head, taking these intense shards of energy from inside her eyes to the back of her head, to the visual cortex. It was explained that these little helpers where there to help defray the energies coming so they do not mess with the electrical field of her brain. For the follow week she has had what some would think as eye infection, leading and uncomfortable. Only, its not an infection but due to the energies coming in. The body needs to process in its own way as well.

Her team explained to her (to us) that in my usual way of doing readings, we share energy with each other. She is taking in mine, I am taking her her’s and thru it, the hologram I call visuals unfolds. Body and soul are full participants in this way. Having us appear in my TV screen allows the soul to step away from the field, so the body is not taking in any energy from the reading. The soul itself is absorbing it all so the body can rest from any more energy input.

And then her field unfolded on my living room floor in away I have never ever experienced before. It was insanely breathtaking and sadly, all you have are my words to paint the picture.

It was explained that what we are experiencing is the way spirit sees us. They do not see us in flesh and bone, but in the light patterns that we really are.

What I call our center field (where our body resides) was this amazing indigo blueish color and dome shaped. I could also see the transparency of what I also call her immediate field as well as the exterior field.

Everything in our created reality begins and ends with our interaction with it. This is going to be hard to put into words and I pray I get it as close to accurate as words allow.

They focused my vision inside the dome of light and suddenly I could see all sorts of color patterns in there. The moment she had a thought that connected to an emotion, I could see that pattern extend outwards to her outer field. When her energy connected with something in her outer field, I could see that energy pattern of light. If there was an interaction beyond the passing, that developed a whole new pattern of light. Example, lets say she went outside and picked a flower to bring inside her house, that flowers life force stopped, but a new pattern emerged as her love of the flower and the flowers delight to cease in this way took light.

It was equally explained that many times her soul or her team will imprint thoughts in her mental fields, her body will create an emotion to connect with the thought (what we call intuition) for an action that needs to be taken. If she follows thru on this prompting, the pattern inside her extends outwards and the pattern changes when the inspired thought is completed. However, if the inspired thought is not completed, it returns back to the light dome, unchanged. An example is, lets say her thought was to go to the store and she got in her car, headed to the store (the light pattern extended outwards) but she never did go to the store (so it went back into her dome of light/center field) awaiting a new opportunity. Had she followed thru, the pattern of light would return changed awaiting the next set of instructions/interaction.

They also gave us an example of when we do something that is not in anyone’s best interest. Lets say for example she did go into the store, and was in a bad mood that day, and was not very nice to the cashier (again, just an example here) that pattern hits what I seen as black energy, distorts itself and returns to her dome of light.

What was further explained is this is the energy we know as karma. We are always attracting what we put out. No one can clear your karma, as much as some may say they can. It is a part of your living light and only you can change anything within your karmic field of light.

I was then shown what her dome of energy experienced as the light shards entered her (that I had seen thru her previous readings.) Holy heavens, the electrical field in her body was so amped up from toe to head, it was amazing to see and no wonder she was down for a few days.

My last lady of the day, I too got the instruction to sit in my living room. When I connected with her, she explained that she has had a low grade fever the last couple days of the lions gate. Her team said she is going to be read like my lady I just described, only with the addition of her purposeful interaction as a spiritual writer (book and blogs.) From what they allowed me to glimpse, it created a secondary light field above. Her team explained she needs three days to “cool down.” Very much like taking a cake out of the oven and letting it cool before you touch it.

I find it interesting too, that both of these ladys are active participants in the Nation of Lights Tuesday classes. It feels purposeful to say that.

Well, the next phase of my day is about to begin. Thank you for showing up and always showing us the evolution of our species. I love and honor you more than my words will ever fully express!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with the Light of Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Only 3 Days Left!!! (I crack me up, my birthday is the 15th not the 16th. An extra day for you!!)


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