Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 11, 2019

Post Lions Gate Meditation

lion teeth

And here we are, on the other side of the 5 day event known as the Lions Gate. These last two days of (non) readings were interesting. On the 9th I woke up seeing this huge lions head above me, which has been consist since a few days before entering the 5 day event of the Lions Gate. His mouth was open and I could see either saliva or venom running out of his k9 tooth. I never did get clarity on exactly what this clear stream of liquid was, but I would see it consistently before each connection. This liquid I keep calling venom was either coming out of the right k9 or left, depending on who I was connecting with. Some (but not all) had the visual extending to where exactly this venom was hitting them. One lady in her eyes, one in her ears, another down her spine. Nothing was ever explained by their teams, when I would try to actual connection, nothing. Same with the 10th as well. Only instead of a lions head,e everyone had a tornado. The one thing I was sure of, the tornado wrapped around the 5 days of the lions gate energies. Like the day before, some people had an addition to the tornado funnel while some did not. Why, I have no idea.

So what I am going to do today, is give you a meditation exercise to do.

Lions Gate Meditation:

Imagine you are outside and standing directly under the center of the Lions Gate. In the center of the 5 days of change. Look up towards the sky and see a massive lions head with his mouth wide open. Notice a stream of clear liquid energy coming out of one of his k9 teeth. (If it is his right tooth, it will effect your emotional spiritual field, if it is coming out of his left, it will directly affect your physical life field.)

Fully connect to this stream of liquid, what does it feel like, is there anything coming into your consciousness about why it is happening on that particular side.

Follow the stream to the ground level, what point is it targeting? Your body, and where on your body? You immediate life field, where and why.

Ask questions.. If you do not hear the reply immediately, its ok. As soon as your consciousness is able to understand the reply, you will hear it. May be a day, a week, a month or next year. Assume nothing, clarify everything!!

When you feel you are done with that part, take a step forward, feel the energies start to pick up all around you, take another step forward to realize you are in the winds of a tornado. Is it circulating clockwise (sealing energies in) or counter clockwise (opening energies up.) Is there anything embedded in the winds of the funnel energy (i.e. lightening, crystalline rain, coins, could be anything and all mean something specifically to you.)

Now expand your consciousness even more to feel and/or see where this wind is hitting you the most. Is it your body, your immediate field of life, if so, can you feel what is being targeted (work, relationships, residence, etc.)

As always, ask questions, assume nothing, confirm and validate if what you are feeling/experiencing is accurate.

Now, step out of the tornado energy, using your soul consciousness, look into your field, what has changed? What was enhanced? What was removed? Now look at your body, inside your body… what was change/enhanced/removed… as always, asked questions.

I hope you enjoy this Lions Gate meditation. I love and honor each and everyone of you soul very much!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the winds of change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Only 5 Days Left!!! (I crack me up, my birthday is the 15th not the 16th. An extra day for you!!)


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  3. Lisa, Thanks for your post. I wonder what Lion’s Gate combined with Perseid meteor showers means. It feels odd during the afternoons, like being in a washing machine and wondering if the exit water hose is kinked up. Then at night it seems like clearing takes place, or else things come up to be cleared, and clearing doesn’t happen. ?


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