Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 7, 2019

The Lions Gate Meditation!


Here we are, the fires of August and the Lions gate eve, which really is a 5 day event. By that I mean, the energies of the Lions Gate (or any extended event, such as new or full moons) the energies are as strong for those days as it is on the day of. Most of the time when we have extended cycles like that, I cannot view the field mostly for safety reasons. Needless to say, the field was unenviable yesterday, with the exception of my very last lady of the day, I got a glimpse of her field just before calling her. There was crystal rain pouring down everywhere from the Lions Gate, this morning, I realize this visual is for everyone and this massive energized rain will continue thru the 10th. 5 days, change on all levels.

And changes started last night in the Nations Tuesday night class. A member of the Nation lead a meditation. I want to thank Barbara Jacksha from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul for the experience. I have not had a meditation since I lived in Texas, when I realized how much my back hurt laying in or getting out of the bathtub. So for me, last night was such an extraordinary treat to participate instead of lead. I am going to leave last nights class with the meditation as well as the participants experience at the end of this sharing.

I do want to talk about my experience with the meditation somewhat. As it opened up, the huge lion head I have been seeing in all the readings the last few days, was present. We all were in a curcle holding hands, when the lions head showed up, it started to circle us in a counter clockwise directions (opening new energies) and we were then moving in a clockwise direction (sealing the energies in.) The Lion would slightly pause at each person and let out a roar that emitted fire. Leo is indeed a fire sign.

As the meditation instruction continued, the lion that was now in the center of the circle jumped on me, knocked me over and started licking my face like a dog would. The gratitude and love I felt while he was doing this was deep and unyielding.

This next part is not only what surprised me the most, but sits in my heart still. The lion took me to a set of beautiful marble or granite like stairs, as I looked upwards, there were two beautiful old friends standing at the top. Sananda on the left and Archangel Michael to the right. I paused, I was so surprised and so joy filled. I walked up the steps and stood in front of them when Sananda placed a golden crown on my head, that became part of my head. No doubt they felt my confusion and immediately AA Michael explained that I wear the crown of truth. With that, I was shown my history for the last 20 years since starting this path. The many people I connected with thru readings or teachings that now do amazing things within their own skills. To empower even one person on this earth is a gift unto the heavens (as opposed to making them dependent on you.) I was told I have entered my rest period. There is no doubt in my heart they knew my deepest question… My body hurts all the time prit near, have I done something wrong. Don’t think for a moment I do not have my human concerns. Especially when I see various teachings out there thru once trusted vehicles/people.

I understood what they showed me and why. So I had to ask, then why am I struggling to keep my overhead, overhead now. As much as I LOVE the fact I have no roommate, I am now living beyond what I bring in, at least thru Nov when my lease is up. I was reminded of the major life lesson I have brought into this crazy game called life… finances lol. Yup, its a life long theme. Feast and famine. The famine is not a punishment, but evolutionary experience for the self/Self.

Please let me get beyond this lesson!! lol

Anyway… I must get to physical therapy. Enjoy the Lions Gate Meditation lead by Barbara and please visit her website to see the amazing things she shares there!!

Lisa Gawlas and Barbara Jacksha
8/6/19 The Lions Gate Meditation


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Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the Leo Fires of Passion to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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