Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 6, 2019

The Creation of Truth!

truth waves

Holy heavens August is already a hot and wild month as we all prepare to cross the threshold of the Lions Gate on 8/8. There remains a massive lions head plugging my viewing beyond the 8/8 at the moment. It seems for some, spirit really wants the focus to be on the new energies pouring in and the focused conscious of how to use them. I did take a peak at spaceweather this morning and not surprised to see: SOLAR WIND STORM IN PROGRESS: Solar wind is currently blowing around Earth faster than 700 km/s (1.6 million mph)–the highest speeds observed so far in 2019.

It is felt to my core in the readings as well!! I do want to focus today on one particular reading before my fingers tap out.

The Energy of Truth!

It has been some time since the wonderful, beautiful Archangel Michael showed up in a reading. I was so tickled to see and feel his amazing presence in one of the readings yesterday and share information with my lady that actually took me by surprise.

We all know Michael for the qualities of truth and protection, but did anyone realize that there is a creation quality to truth?? I sure as hell didn’t!!

My lady showed up with a deep golden bell just in front of the Lions head at the Lions gate. Then I suddenly remembered the saying “when you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings,” which I thought was kind of weird. That is until it was explained that an angel doesn’t so much get its wings but the wings become matured to release a sound. Keeping in mind as well, that angels are incarnate Beings from a realm outside of ours. What we would consider an extraterrestrial race.

My vision was then taken down to my lady and the focus was on both of her scapula’s. When she moves them in certain ways and tunes her heart as if it was the dinger inside the bell, in element and emotion of truth, creation waves are released from her.

When she was about to get her homework exercises, that is when the familiar energy of AA Michael showed up, to be her teacher on how to work this amazing ability.

He explained that his race are born with wing buds and as they grow, so do the wings. They then must reach a level of wisdom before their unique talents become activated for use. It would be very much like when we go thru puberty, which is set off by chemical changes in our bodies. Only their chemicals are activated by the way they live their life instead of set to a calendar within the body. (I hope I am explaining this well enough to understand.)

What we have been calling the advanced souls (several blogs ago) are too, in this position of activating very unique, special skills. Not only from the angelic realm, but many other realms that helped seed this amazing thing we call earth in its beginning.

The one thing I mentioned, which came pouring out with even more surprising information, was how beautiful he was. That I have not seen any angels that were not beautiful. He reminded me about what I had learned from the Plieadians, that the element of beauty is a power source too. I realized I had not met a Plieadian that wasn’t beautiful as well. AA Michael went on to explain that they interbred with each other. Passing on very particular DNA/qualities to each other, long, long ago. This is important because for the last many decades (longer really) we were given messages by so many ETs including what we know as angels. Our mission was not only to share it, but live it as well. That is the only way knowledge becomes wisdom and increases our inner frequencies, unlocking (if you will) special abilities from our extraterrestrial linage for use (and not misuse.)

On that note, the next phase of my day is about to begin. I love you all soul much. Thank you for Being Here and doing what you do!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the power and glory of Truth!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Hi – do I have to schedule the reading by the 16th or the coupon is good thru the 16th? I should know but having a brain fart moment ha ha!!!!


    • You can schedule it for anytime. The coupon expires on the 16th. I live in a terminal brain fart, no worries lol. Its ascension lol!!


  3. Thank you for your insights, Lisa…..also congrats on reaching another Birthday Month! Much Love & hugs Sylvia Melaynia from Sydney XXXXX

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