Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 31, 2019

New Moon, New Biochemical Bodies!!


And we close out this month with the second new moon of July. Which actually makes so much sense given the start and end of July’s readings. We entered July about 7 feet about the earth on our own landscape supported by so much energy from the original earth. That energy slowly absorbed into us as we moved thru July. Now, the energy is fully absorbed and so many new skills are being unlocked, for those with the fortitude and desire to learn them.

If I look at just two of the readings and what they really showed for all of us… My beautiful man showed up with two huge plumes of fire billowing upwards on either side of him, One side was coming from the earth we live upon, the other side coming from the fires of the original earth. As I looked beneath the surface of his field to try and understand what was being shown, I could see what looked like three pipelines, one for each fire and then one at his root chakra, I watched as the three pipes became braided and all I could feel was a connection to the Double Helix. A DNA infusion of our ascended earth we live on and the frequency of the earth we started on, as it enhanced his DNA and unlocked many potentials within him. Much to my surprise and excitement, we also received information about events coming up for him next year. It has been such a long while since there was the energy of the future presented!!

It wasn’t until we were talking about the readings in class last night that I realized my 2nd lady was like a bookend to my fire man. She had this pendulum swinging behind her that had the face of a clock on its bottom round part. The minute and hour hands were spinning every which way and her team said she was out of time (not that she is running out of time, but removed from time.)

With the swing of the pendulum an energy field was growing higher, one on her left, one on her right. Her team made it distinctly understood that her body separated the two energies., they were two distinct energies filling up. One side started to produce what her team called “modules” in the energy. They had very faint color hues to them. These modules will seep into her and cover/enhance the neurons with a heightened electrical output.

On the other side were things that looked a lot like sperm, all different colors and more vibrant than the modules. These will enter her blood stream, the nucleus of the cells. The purpose is to infuse more pure oxygen and another element (I cannot recall if she was told what element or I just forgot) into the blood. Now I went to look up red blood cells this morning to make sure I am remembering the placement of these spermy things correctly:

Red blood cells are initially produced in the bone marrow with a nucleus. … It allows the red blood cell to contain more hemoglobin and, therefore, carry more oxygen molecules.

Mature red blood cells are unique among cells in the human body in that they lack anucleus (although erythroblasts do have a nucleus).

Obviously there is a relationship between her nuron modules and the sperm looking energy in her blood.

With both these amazing people, one was focused at the physical DNA level the other, the chemical DNA level. (I’ll be dammed if I can recall the rest lol.)

As always, consciousness is key. It’s not enough to know we are evolving, if we want to use the energies, we must consciously interact with them, understand their potency and applications.

I am sure there is more information that I am missing, but I must get ready to go to physical therapy. Now that I have my pills and CBD oil rocking my body all together, my fingers are happier than ever. I should be able to share more often!!

I love you all soul very much. Enjoy this amazing new moon of new beginnings and enhanced biochemical fields!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with grand adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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P.S. I cannot recall who had the coils in their reading, but as I was looking for art for todays blog, I seen this image and got hit in the solar plexus with your imagery. The image is linked to the information, just click it.




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