Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 21, 2019

The Advanced Souls and the Energy Available to You!

advanced souls

I know how much you love my handy dandy artwork and must miss it. So I have taken to the simplicity of paint to give you a visual diagram of the way I see the field at this moment and what each area means.


energy field.jpg


Let me be clear on what I mean by advanced souls (spirit snuck that term in there.) When the soul has the ability to partner with and command (again, not my word) the ego mind so that its evolutionary needs get met. Not all advanced souls are awakened (as we have defined awakened) but do follow their inner promptings and guidance. They have also released a majority of their judgments. Judgments cloud a persons energy field and deters true guidance from the soul. Often times, they follow the promptings of their ego, declaring it soul guidance.

So it is these advanced souls that are on the upper platform of the earths energy. All are in relationship with the energy just below the surface (from the original earth) in one way or another. I made the gold bar long enough to be below the earths surface, because so far, everyone is in that position. Whether with their actual body’s or the new tools of their evolution, all are slowly absorbing this energy into their body’s as well as energy system. Like all things on earth, this absorption is also a processes. Throughout the process it does require using it as well. Even with that, each person has very different uses with it. All have been given homework to start mastering this new energy within their fields.

As you start using and developing your new set of skills, the universe will always find ways to validate what you are doing.

I can give you my own clear, crazy example. I was driving home from physical therapy the other day when a wall hanging my former roommate left behind came into my mind. It was hanging above my small kitchen table and the coloring (green) matched it perfectly. But considering how she left and the insane nasty mail (physical not email) she sent me, I suddenly was wondering what to do with it. It became clear it needed to be thrown in the trash (even tho, I kinda like it.) Until this moment, I hadn’t given this wall hanging a second thought.

Much to my surprise, when I walked into the house I could see something weird in the kitchen where that hanging was. It was hanging from a string now collapsed and folded in half (it had a wood frame that was taped together, must be why she left it.) The tape gave way and it was looking like a tee pee on the wall lol. I threw it away!! I was going to throw it away when I moved from here, seems the energies wanted it gone now. Had i not had that knowing of throwing it away, I would have just put it back together and left it be.

Now let me explain why this is important to understand and seems simple enough too. When the earth first was… everything was conscious and all things conspired to keep the frequencies clear and high together. I now do readings in my kitchen, and the kitchen itself consciously connected to me to remove what is not conducive to the energy field.

On a completely different note, but a joyful one for me. I got the results back from the CT scan of my lungs. The nodule my oncologist and Texas docs were watching has become a calcified granular thing. Nothing at all to be concerned about, yay!! Our bodies are truly magic if we allow them to be!!

Well, I booked a full day of readings today and it is time to get that phase started. Get your beautiful selfs into meditation to find out what relationship you have with the energy beneath your field of Life and what you need to do to use it!!

So much love and excitement wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))) to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lets bring out the packages and give it a kiss of master builder energy as well!!


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