Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 19, 2019

Self Aware vs Awake

self aware

It has been a while since I put out a sharing. I didn’t realize just how long!! <st;y bcause I can no longer see the computer screen, so please, if I have more types than usual, its because I cannot read what I am typing! I did finally get my eyes checked yesterday, I have a cataract that needs surgery in my left eye and one starting in my right eye. My glasses will be in in about 10 days, so much for the joy of lasik!! I also started physical therapy this week too, so heres hoping it will help my hands and back.

Enough about me!! Lets focus on the focus of the field these last couple weeks.

We have consistently focused on those that are “awake” and those that remain “asleep” as our verbiage. Well spirit doesn’t seem to like those words any longer. Instead, they want the focus to be on on Being Self Aware. I was kind of stunned hearing that so repeatedly thru the readings. But, as they (the spiritual teams of those I read for) explained:

Being what we call awake does not automatically make one Self aware. Awareness of their soul and its needs and desires. Of the souls abilities and needs of focus to evolve more in its abilities as well as emotional field.

It was explained that there are people we consider awake, they understand the energy of Light, the spiritual changes underway, but not yet Self Aware. At the same time, there are those we consider asleep that are more in alignment and movement with their soul needs that some that we consider awake.

I think the best way for me to explain the difference is those that are awake usually seek out that which is already in play. Old modalities, old teachings and information (which is not a bad thing at all, we have all gone thru the stages of becoming Self Aware.) The ones who have achieved Awareness of the Self push themselves into the unknown. Working with energies that never were, which is where my readings focus any more. The goal is bringing the frequency of what I have been calling the original earth with the many fragments of information/codes strewn thru the universes into themselves for development and eventually assistance to others.

The last two days of readings before the lunar eclipse showed a fire way up in the sky that stretched from solar eclipse to lunar eclipse in the realm I call the pure energy atmosphere (above the mental planes) of the field. The next day, each person had this fire in very different places on or in their bodies. Once engulfed her spine, another inside her entire head, yet another at the chest area and one who’s feet and legs were engulfed in this fire. My ability to see was clear but the understanding, not so much. The only thing I felt with this fire was purifying passion.

In yesterdays readings, the one common aspect was everyone’s center field was about 7 feet above where the ground should be with a vat of energy beneath the surface of their ground that was about 4 feet deep. Each was in a unique position of taking this energy into their Being, slowly.

This phase of our evolution is where being Self aware is crucial.

On that note, its time for the next phase of my day. I love and cherish you all soul very very much!!

((((HUGZ))) filled with Self Awareness and pure energy evolution to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Commiserations Sweet Lisa, I had my right eye done, my main problem was that I could not lie down (remember I fell down that escalator backwards?) I was very aprehensive, even when I was waiting in line for my surgery & there was a long delay! I was given an injection thank goodness! In my Hospital they do several patients, one after another, rather like in line! I was relieved I had it done, (my other eye is still no good, but!) I saw an interview recently with Madonna (who was playing the part of a woman who wore an eye patch), but it was on the wrong eye, as she has a similar problem, so she had to do the interview almost blind! So glad I had it done, I was also relieved I had it done, as they found out later that I had an irregular heart beat! We are so very grateful for the fact that we don’t have to pay, like you have to. Anyway, enough chat, Love you so much, I get so tired these days……thank goodness for my darling partner, who looks after me, despite getting older himself! I can’t even be bothered to use Facebook, & am very sad I as miss all the lovely people who supported me. You have a special place in my Heart, Lisa…..Love you all, my beautiful friends. Only 3 years & I will be 80!! Much Love to you all…….sorry I tend forget things! XXXXXX


  2. I missed your last posting, had a glitz & lost a lot of incoming info, sorry I I did not realise that your eyes were that bad, I feel so stupid. Please forgive me, hope all is getting better for you. Much Love & Hugs to you & the family….XXXXXXXXXX SOOO MUCH LOVE XXXXXXX


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