Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 5, 2019

Post Solar Eclipse – Pre Lunar Eclipse


Not surprising, the focal point in the readings is the energies coming in from the lunar eclipse. Thru every reading yesterday. The the moon is split in two frequencies since it is a partial eclipse. The luminous part which is pure emotion and the part that is eclipse, which will be affecting the mental planes. Out of the 5 readings yesterday, it seems that most are being affected only by the luminous part of the moon (the non-eclipsed part.) However, there was one that was getting hit by both aspects of the moon, so it is not one or the other, but varies depending on each person.

The energy of the moon is also taking on different forms as it makes its way to each person. For example one lady had a powerful lunar wind of change targeting her heart, solar plexus and sacral areas, another moon crystals targeting her third eye and heart area. Yet another lady still had her feet in the embriotic sac of the solar eclipse as her body was at a 9- degree angle leaning towards the lunar eclipse with waves of pastel colors moving towards her.

I did all I knew how to see on the other side of the lunar eclipse, trying to sneak a peak of what system comes after this one. If you can imagine the timeline from the lunar eclipse to the September equinox sort of like an accordion that was tightly closed but is slowly opening up… everything in the small view of opening is so blurry to my vision I cannot make out any details. Its like looking thru gel with various colors within the gel. Several teams stated that that timeline is still in a high quantum state the processing mind could not comprehend.

Another thing that came thru a couple of the readings is the effect this moon, as well as the systems still in play from the March equinox thru the lunar eclipse, will affect those still in deep density. Emotional chaos would be one way to describe it. Stirring the pot from deep bottom and raising all the things not in light. Of course, it will also affect the mental capacity of those folks as well.

I will close on that note, my fingers are in rough shape this morning. Typing is a challenge, but I wanted to get this info out.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with luminosity to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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May the fireworks of your heart, keep you free and independent from the illusion of life itself. True independence happens inside the heart regardless of the landscape that pretends to be That!! Happy Independence Day!



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