Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 20, 2019

The Revitalization Period is Now!

And here we are, smushed between the full moon and solstice energy. Not surprising, a lot has been blocked from our view. In each reading on Tuesday, a series of red X;s stretched from the day before the full moon thru the day after the solstice to form a larger X. There is so much happening at the super quantum level of life that it is impossible for us to understand. at this point.

At the ground level, there was a mixture of the white and blue energy form the tsunami wave I had seen, as well as the black that has been consistent from the new moon. This substance covered the earth and was about 10 feel deep (going to scale of my vision of course.) .

Much to my joyful surprise, suddenly a dolphin leaped out of this substance covering the earth from behind the X, directly at the middle where the X crosses itself, over to the other side, back down into this substance and repeated leaping. This was constant thru every connection. The only understanding received with that dolphin was a “revitalization” of all the DNA on earth.” Not just humans, but ALL.

This is a week we transition from the old to the new. New, revitalized energy, ideas, abilities and more. There will be power surges of energies throughout the landscape of earth. Movement of vortexes creating openings of higher dimensions and accessibility.

.In one of the readings last week, my lady’s team said that a lot of systems will be collapsing, but did not elaborate on what systems and how. Of course, my immediate thought and hope are things like the political systems and stuff, but it could very well be spiritual systems, or body systems. I guess we shall see… eventually!!

On a completely different and personal note. The weirdness continued to reveal itself in my personal life. My now former housemate snuck all the food she had in the refrigerator and cupboards out the back door and gave it to the neighbors. same thing with a mop she just bought. She had already snuck the microwave out the back door days earlier and gave it to the neighbors. I found that out when I went to use it and it was gone. It sure does give me something to giggle about tho!!

Until there is more to report… enjoy the revitalization!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new beginnings and revitalized excitement to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  4. This is so cool LIsa, as I had a chance as a kid to make friends with a dolphin named Susie in the Keys – she even gave me a perfect shell when I saw her for the last time, long story, but I recently felt the urge to re-frame her picture where she’s looking up at me smiling and I keep her shell on a shelf where I can see it all the time – well lately I’ve just been thinking about her a lot and have always felt there was some deeper reason that I had that opportunity. I’m sure she is helping us all on this adventure and has been waiting for this time – whooo hooo! What a time to be alive – thanks as always and happy living alone – at this point I couldn’t possibly live with anyone else but my dog and cat!

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