Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 18, 2019

The Tsunami Wave of Energy


This has been one of the strangest weeks of my life. First I lose my voice for 5 days, nothing really strange about that, I loose my voice every spring and fall from time to time. But once I got my voice back, my vision went blank. Nothing at all when I was able to finally speak again, until day two. However, day two showed us previews, images before the readings, absolutely nothing each time I tried to connect to the field, same thing for the day after that. So lets look at what was shown and what was understood thru the various conversations over the two days.

Day one was this massive tsunami like wave coming in from (what is now) this week. A mixture of solstice and full moon energy that made this massive wave a beautiful white. From what I understood, it will mix in with the black energy I had been seeing since the new moon.

The second day, a new element was added. The most pristine blue water on the back of this white tsunami wave. Not mixed in with it, but on top of it like a layer. Obviously serious emotional energy. It is the emotion that gives the spark of life to all our creations.

Yesterday, I did have one appointment and this time I could see fire mixed in with the moonshine. The Sagittarius moon is gonna be a hot partner this phase!!

From the various conversations… this wave is serving to remove old, unneeded debris from the fields of life. Whether we are expecting it or not. Often times, people and even places, hang on to things that long ago, stopped serving their growth. This is a time of revitalization (spirits very purposeful word there.)

It is also the time where your emotional focus (not intentions, but the core emotions within) will begin to manifest as creation.

Lets really expand on that. We have a tendency to place our intentions form the emotional field of not having…whatever. Especially if these intenstions are repeated over and over. I remember my team, long ago, saying to me as I entered every meditation asking for protection; If you asked once, do you not think we will continue to provide that for you. Ummm well, no. I associated my team as well as the creative life force of life, like humans, rarely true to their word and action. So now, knowing the universal field pf life knows what my deepest desire is and what is in my greatest interest for evolution, I don’t ask for a thing, I just feel myself emotionally.

Of course, there are those in this world that are emotionally unstable and these energies will affect them too. We can look for a lot of odd behaviors and emotional melt downs as well.

My experience with odd behavior came with the full moon energy. The weirdest thing I have ever experienced in my life.

My housemate told me at the beginning of the month she was unhappy and was going to move. I think I was a little to excited when I told her I was unhappy too and glad she was moving. She started packing and shipping boxes to California the last few weeks. Every time I asked here where she was going, she had a different story. She has been kicked out of all the places she said she was going already. Including her daughter and her brothers. When I asked her when she was leaving, she gave me vague days of sometime this week. I asked how she was getting to Cali she wasn’t sure, bus or plane.

So imagine my surprise when she went into her bedroom for her daily beer 30 (as she calls it) and I didn’t see her for 24 hours, not even to go potty. So finally at noon the next day, I went to check on her, fully expecting to find her dead. She is 74 years old, a diabetic and alcoholic. Her room was bare bones, noting but a stripped bed and her end tables. She was nowhere in sight.

Somewhere between midnight and 4am, she snuck out of the house. Leaving no note or goodbye. We did not fight, the only thing I did ask her was to pay her half of the bills for this month and she agreed to leave a check for that. Maybe that is why she snuck away, who knows. So bizarre really. I actually waited for her to return. Ain’t no way a grown adult would sneak out in the middle of the night…

Once I realized I am finally free of my very odd housemate, my energy system threw a party. I have not had kundallini energy swishing around inside in a very long long time. But for hours it played and danced and I just smiled!!! I also became terminally hungry too. Like every part of my body woke up and celebrated lol.

For now, I am going to stay housemateless, regardless of it doubling my bills. I have faith!!

On that note, the next phase of my glorious day is about to begin. I love you all soul much!! May your outcomes be as glorious to your Being as mine is!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of radiant light and emotional dancing to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. The oddest things have been happening to me too. Moments of great release and clearing as well. My house has morphed into something magical, because of the Summer Solstice energy! Blessed Solstice, Lisa. I am very grateful to you for your blog.

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  4. Not sure what to say to you here……happy for you that the weight is lifted from you, sad for your ex-housemate, I really feel for her, I often feel confused, (getting closer to 80 everyday!). The results of my strokes seem to have made me worse (in a chatty way (groan),). I feel sorry for people who have to talk to me on the phone! The lovely women I deal with are so patient with me, some of the men are not so much! My partner gets a little bit ‘thingy’ with me! Here in Sydney we are having the MDN installed, awful for those of us that are struggling with how to use a mobile phone properly! No-one seems to be able to teach us how to use them properly! Notice how a mobile phone never comes with an instruction book any more? Or it is in tiny wee writing? Grrrr!! I am changing into an intelligent woman into a lesser one. Sigh! The result of the MDN was NO Internet for 6 weeks, no shopping other what my partner could manage on the bus, bouncing around on his bad back…..we both have bad backs! We have no car, by the way…. He is a beautiful man, given that I am not able to do much towards the housecleaning…..My memory, well, how to remember what I knew before, I cannot remember how to use You Tube, all I can remember are the notes I left myself! So glad I can still read your posts, they keep me sane. Still, I am still a happy sort of person, & I send you all much Love & happiness XXXX Thanks for listening!


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