Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 28, 2019

The Emotional Energies of June!

june energies

It looks like June is gearing up to be a doozy of a month!! There is a tide of emotional energy taking us from May into June. With this tide, the frequencies are taking a giant leap upwards as well, which will intensify the emotional charge and quicken the manifestations of those emotions. It is also serving to the that very important gateway for those who did their inner and outer work, to test out their new as well as newly enhanced skills.

My first lady really showed us what is coming. Her reading opened up with her in her center field with this intense blue water that started at the surface level of her field and rose at about a 90 degree angle upwards to the platform of June. For her, this watery energy was calm, almost still as she swam expertly towards June. It was explained that she mastered the movement of her life thru turbulent emotions and now she will help others thru their turbulence.

One her head was one of those old timey white bathing caps with lace like flowers adorned on it. The lace was a dirty white. It was explained that the tight fitting bathing cap was to contain her highly evolved, high frequency energy within her space. This way it is not automatically extending outwards and affecting those not ready to handle it simply by being in her space. The dirty white flowers represents the energy she has mastered within herself I call, Shambalah; peace, love and harmony. The lace represents the intricacy of what it takes within, to asset others in need of such wisdom.

What I did not get yesterday, but do today, was the importance of the bathing suit she was wearing. Her team kept looping the visual of her stepping out of these waters into the June energies. Usually when that happens its because I missed something important.

She had on a one piece bathing suit colored deep maroon, more on the purple side of maroon than the red. Red is now representing the original earth embedded with the energies of the original sun, the purple is always the energy of the masters. Her arms and legs are exposed to show/reelect that she not only walked this path in life, reached as high and as often as she could, but equally mastered what was needed to assist others.

One can easily think I am the only one who sees her like this, but as I am being told, not true. Our physical minds were designed to see others energy’s as magnetic visions of attraction. This is really where the saying like attracts like comes from. It’s all a frequency!!

I had another lady, as the phone was ringing I could see her taking the thick white substance of the full moon energies and rubbing it into her checks like cold cream. I was surprised when we connected and the reading started, she was already out of the full moon energies walking into the energy of June. There was what her team called, a highly moisturizing energy rain gently falling all around her to assist with the June energies to create a buoyancy thru the emotional fields that lay in wait for June. Much more than that, I could not understand.

That said, this precious lady is coming up on her 80th birthday in June. For sometime she has had her heart set on moving to Florida to a community that has all she needs within walking distance. Please join me in seeing her effortlessly carried to this place by the grace of love. It would serve her well, inside and out.

The next phase of my day is about to begin. I love you all, soul very very much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with love and the perfection that is You Living Shambalah!!

Lisa Gawlas

Just cuz I love and appreciate each and every one of you:



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