Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 21, 2019

The Fires of Purification are Not What You May Think!!

purification fires

What a powerful and impregnating moon this is!! It is serving to activate/awaken deep, sleeping parts of humanity, especially for those ready to use the energy, the secrets long kept from the conscious mind. My first reading revealed a lot in relationship to what this full moon is about.

The thick light of the moon was still flowing down into her immediate field of life, oozing slowly to her external field of life. There was a large, upside down V shape of clarity directly over her center field that extended from the moon to the ground. I could see a ring of fire surrounding her body in about a 3 foot diameter (always going to my scale of vision of course.)

There was an energy coming up from the deep core of the earth moving into and thru this ring of fire. Her team explained this fire is serving many purposes to include purification. They were quick to address that they do not mean purification of removal of anything. To be Here is to be clear. (Or at least clear enough to move to the next phase of our individual evolution.) so going again to that readily available online dictionary, definition two of purification is: the process of extracting something from a substance.

The ring of fire is also a product of the sun energy that was embedded in the moon energy. But, not everyone has a ring of fire in their field. So far, she was the only one. As each persons journey is unique and different and the energies will present as needed for the individual.

As I was understanding the energies within the ring of fire, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, what looked like a metal spear came suddenly from above and thru her crown to just above her pelvic floor in her body. Then I could see the heat energy of the fire focus itself at the tip of this metal looking spead that was as long as her body concentrate itself at the tip, melting it away. As it melted there were codes being released and moving towards the body section that had resonance with those codes. For this part of her spear it was her left kidney.

It was finally explained that this spear looking thing was a series of fragments from the original earth, the fire too, was coming from the original earth, both meeting from the mental and physical planes for release and assimilation of energy and usability.

My second lady was in what looked like a capsule of energy surrounded by this thick white moon energy filling up her immediate field like a swimming pool. The capsule surrounding her body was to protect her until this moon energy reach the top and would penetrate and release her from this protective phase.

Sadly, thats all I can share for today, its almost time for my first reading. Let me just say, if you feel you are still in a waiting period, chances are, you are, at least thru the end of this month and all these energies come together in unification for you to work with. However, there are many ready to go and meditation is always the golden key of accessibility!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of purified energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





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