Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 19, 2019

The Marshmallow Full Moon and Mutable Energies.

full moon light

Well hello full moon. I am just going to call it the ooey gooey full moon of our lives!! I keep forgetting how thick the energy of May was as we were looking in from April, at least, until this full moon.

On Friday the 17th, the only thing I was able to see was this brilliant full moon with this glob of red and orange stuff moving in and out of it. I kind of thought it was sun energy, but I have never seen it globby like that. I pulled up spaceweather and sure enough, their main picture that day was a close up of part of the sun in that same color spectrum. And that is all I got.

Saturday, the day of the full moon, it got a bit more strange. The full moon every was akin to melted marshmallows, thick, gooey and bright white. The sun was doing its thing too, quite a few globs of the red and orange sun energy embedded in what looked like a marshmallow waterfall from the moon flowing to earth.

What was unusual even beyond that, that each person was elevated up near the moon and in a different position as this moon/sun goo enveloped them. One lady was standing and the energy was focused coming into her crown and then down over her body. I could see the moon goo also fill up her field of life like it was filling up a swimming pool. Another lady was laying down, head to the right, feel to the left, this energy was targeting her solar plexus as she was slowly rotating as if on a spit, and the goo wrapped around her in layers.

What I cannot tell you is what any of it means!! Kind of crazy really. My vision was crystal clear. I could feel the substance with my fingertips, yet the feeling centers where all the communication of understanding happen, offline, obviously so was my hearing since not a word was heard.

As I sat down to process all I had seen but by far did not understand, I started to remember April and how often spirit said that the energies of May are mutable. So lets go to the handy dandy google dictionary of understanding and bam…. I get it:

Definition of mutable. 1 : capable of change or of being changed in form, quality, or nature. 2 : capable of or liable to mutation.

It is not for spirit to tell you what you are changing into or capable of changing, but for you and you alone to decide. The energy is here for you. It’s enough at the moment to know that. As we pass thru this full moon period and head into the solstice, there will be what you may consider as a cooling off period, or hardening. Where the energies of change take form and substance in your (our) life. You will start to see what you changed and what you did nothing about.

You will also start to see the expandedness of your spiritual abilities start to come into play with opportunities to use them. Those opportunities may appear as hardships of yourself or others. The assistance of your greater Being is at hand, use yourself in new ways.

What we cannot and should not do is just wait around for something new to happen. We are the creator gods in body. Push a door open, even if the door is not the one you thought you wanted, it just may well lead to the door you really wanted to appear.

Using my own experiences of this month, I really needed to find medical help for my leg and back. One that would have mercy of my depleted finances. I applied at the free clinic last month but heard nothing back until the day after I went to the ER. A few days later, I was not only approved for the free clinic, but seen that very same day and all my medical needs will be provided for for $5 a pop. 5 the energy of change. I am scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday to see what is happening with my back and if it is pinching my nerves in my leg and arm. They have also hooked me up with an oncologist as well as a . rheumatologist.

I now get all my prescriptions for $4 each as well. I have stopped taking my long acting inhaler several months ago, $120 a month was just not in my game plan. I am now back on it and my lungs are so happy!!

So spend the rest of this month not waiting for something to happen, but making it happen any way you can!!

See you in the field using the magic that you Are!!!

Big big marshmallow ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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