Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 16, 2019

The Triad of Energies Underway!

triad of energies

We are in such an amazing energy sandwich. Equinox on one side, solstice on the other and now the energies from the full moon pouring in the middle. An intense triad of energy. Of course, our sun is not going to stand around and not be part of the excitement!! I had such a hard time understanding what I was seeing yesterday thru the readings, like I had molasses on my brains. I should have checked to see if the sun was spitting too, but I assumed (silly me) it was the focus of the full moon doing it.) Nope:

SURPRISE STORM SPARKS AURORAS IN THE USA: A surprise geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of May 14th when a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured through the gap, igniting auroras over northern-tier US states. (from space weather)

The full moon was the focal point in all the readings yesterday, especially the energies pouring into each persons field and how they will be affected/enhanced by them. One lady brought us into the moon itself and these little Beings were taking bits of the moon (dirt?) and mixing it with this amazingly bright light inside the moon, and directing it to her crown energy. I thought seeing these little Beings inside the moon was new, found out last night in the Nations class as we were talking about the energies seen in the readings, that I had seen these Beings in one of our members readings about a year ago, assisting with her stem cells.

There is so much happening in our body’s, at the DNA level as well as as the mental level. We are changing, humanity is changing. In the lady’s reading I mentioned above, I could see yet another tiny gland coming in in the left part of her brain. From what I understand, this gland serves to enhance the magnetic field of output and intake. I am sure there is much more to it than that, but like I said, I struggled to reach understandings with so much of what came thru yesterday. The seeing was easy, there is so much new light frequencies, which means so much new information, that my own mind struggled to get out of its own way in what it thought was. There is so much that needs to overwrite our old ideas about pretty much everything, including ourselves.

So lets start practicing that with an exercise!!

Close your eyes, take in a few deep relaxing breaths and imagine yourself standing in the midst of lush landscape. Not too dense, not to sparse.

To your left is the energy flow of the equinox, to your right the energy flow of the solstice. Turn to your right and start to slowly and deeply breath in the energy of the equinox. Feel its presence as it moves towards you and into you. Listen to the tones that comes with it, pay attention to what part(s) of your body is most affected by its energy as you breath it in. You may see colors or codes within each breath, feel into it all. Pay attention to where any of it gathers in your body. It may be all in one place or in several places.

When you feel you have taken in all you can with the equinox energy, turn to your right and do the same with the solstice energy.

You are not trying to understand what any of it means yet or what you will do with it. You are becoming conscious and interactive with the new enhanced power source of your Being. Becoming aware of vibrations and tones.

When you have taken in as much as you can, become aware of how the energies of the equinox and solstice come together within you. Like seeing puzzle pieces take form, an orchestra coming together.

As you are exploring all the new energies within you, feel the soft rain of energy coming down from above from the full moon. Is the energy targeting an area of your body (crown, heart center, feet, etc) or is it dispersing all around you? However it is coming to you, it is sparking the Light of Life in the next phase of your evolution. New or enhanced abilities will be revealed. New directions that require your consciousness will become magnetically enhanced. Feel the power of the enhanced magnetic field of your life ramping up. Where in your body is this most noticeable?

Now become aware of your feet on the ground, a new magnetic pathway is rising from the earth to enhance your awareness of your path forward. Move your feet (walk slowly) as you walk and become accustomed to the vibration of your path on this earth. You may feel a sudden surge of energy as something appears in your awareness. It may be a mile marker, an energy system, something that is personal to you to let you know that moment is important for you to be aware of. It may even require a sudden change in direction.

As some point in your walk forward, you will meet at least one spiritual assistant. This assistant (formerly known as a guide) will help you understand the new energy system that is you and how to utilize it to the best of your ability.

Do this until the energy beneath your feet subsides. This exercise is to get you intimately familiar with your new enhanced Self. To become aware of the surges within you and what is coming from them.

Do this exercise more than once. You will bring more and more energy into you and most importantly, become more and more conscious of what changes are taking place, why and what to do with it all.


Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving gratitude for all you do, all you are and all you are becoming!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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