Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 11, 2019

Equinox and Solstice Sandwich

energy sandwich

We are now in an equinox/solstice sandwich. When we started May, everyone’s field was at about a 25 foot diameter (keeping with my scale of vision) as the energies of all of April expanded and found its magnetic place in our fields of life. I was very surprised to see the solstice energy already connecting with ever reading yesterday. So energy waves were still coming in from equinox on the left, and energy waves from the solstice on the right, condensing everyone’s field. Meaning, it takes less energy to create/manifest. At the same time, new energy enhancements are coming in.

Every person also had something in the order of an energy shield at the outer most edge of their immediate field. Keeping in mind in my readings your field is broken up into three parts. What I call your center field, taking in your biology and energy body within your biology. The immediate field is where your home, work, loved ones and that which is close to you emotionally reside. Then there is the outer field, like when we go to the store or travel, we cross paths with many people and things for a moment, most of which are out of our long term control/connection field.

Every person had a unique collaboration of energy coming into their body from this energy film. Also, it was in the form of a half circle. Nothing was visible behind anyone.

One of my precious guys had energies coming in from the sun, the earth, equinox and solstice, accumulating in his belly. I then could see 9 green Beings aligning his energy field with something that looked like a bubble gun in their hands. They would take turns at specific times release a single bubble that was targeted to his belly and when that bubble entered the energy in his belly sort of blew up into various codes (reminded me of wingdings on a computer) and assimilated themselves in various parts of his body.

These Beings were new to my awareness. A deep green in color, skin the texture of grog skin. They called themselves (something) of 9. Jezuz I cannot recall the first word and no it was not counsel.

I had another lady split down the middle in a V shape. This got really really weird!! I could see what looked like a faucet way above her pouring down an energy that was part of her last reading, interdimensional frequencies flowing as one. She also had golden-bronze lightening bolts coming from the equinox energy into her field and rolling thunder coming in from the solstice.

The energies pouring in where creating really unique looking layers within her core. What looked like shimmering soap bubbles at the base of her open V and then multicolored looking (cooked) noodles above the bubbles and what really threw me for a loop, something that looked like a T-bone steak above that.

The electrical and thunder energies were creating something like a spiderweb network thru her entire immediate field. The bubbles started to flow out of her core and onto the ground that makes up her field, the noodles started to elongate and penetrate some of the bubbles then attack to the spiderweb thingies. Creating new power points and obviously much more than that, but what, is not understood yet. The steak really had me confused, until finally I realized it was in relationship to her muscles.

We are also coming up on the full moon on the 18th. One of my ladys had a great array of “windows” popping up on the other side of the full moon. Her team explained they are windows of opportunity that will be clearly visible. Unlike doors that we usually do not know whats on the other side until we go thru them.

There is so much coming in, enhancing, adjusting, creating thru us. Our focus is becoming much more instantaneous than ever. Keeping in mind, the field of creation has no bias. We focus on lack, we get lack, we focus on our needs and desires, they are manifesting so quickly.

I finally put my focus on my medical needs this month. Thru a series of events I finally found a clinic that is taking care of all my needs and then some. I get an MRI on the 22nd to see what the hell is up with my back and leg. I get a rheumatologist and oncologist all for the affordable price of $5 per visit and $4 per prescription!! Sitting has become much easier!!

Well, my day is about to begin!! Put your best foot forward and grab what life has to offer. Your soul song is playing, now dance!!

I love you all soul much!! Big big (((HUGZ))) of deLight to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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