Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 16, 2019

The Void of Creation

the void of creation

On the 13th of April, everyone in the readings went to a very unexpected place. A place located between the mental planes and the created plane of our reality. A place I did not even know existed. I suppose that imaginary line that I kept seeing that separated the two planes in readings, was not so imaginary.

In this place it was as close to void of energy as I ever experienced in readings. I suppose I can even call it zero point. It was explained that this place opened up as we became centered between the new moon and full moon energies. Of course, I had to look at my calendar (like spirit would ever BS us lol) and sure enough, we were directly between the two moon systems.

Just because this place feels so void of energy, doesn’t mean it is. Nothing ever can be. For three days so far, the readings have unfolded from this place. A place that sort of filters the onslaught of energies permeating the earth planes we we prepare for the next phase of our ongoing evolution. From what I am understanding (and so much of this is hard to put into accurate words of explanation,) the new and full moons, along with all the energies released from the sun and much from places we never look at, is targeting our DNA/biological field of life.

I have come to realize there is so little we truly understand about the multidimensional universe we exist within. That includes everything, especially planet earth!! This thing I seen as a line separating the mental planes from the earth planes, I figured was simply our teams way of allowing me to discern the energy/visual location in our readings. When we “assume” something, spirit allows our assumptions. Think about that for a long minute.

I kept saying there is no reading dividing line tween the two planes. That is true. Not once did I ask of there was anything more to this line I seen and simply assumed it was there for clarity in readings. Not so true.

How many things in our experiences have we made assumptions about. Our teams are not here to tell us we are right or wrong, but allow us to discover the inaccuracies of our perceptions as part of our evolutionary growth. So something can remain (falsely) true until we push further and allow for the higher truth to be revealed. I immediately get a flash back to my days of being Catholic (religions in general) so much was not true, yet, I held it in myself as true, until deep dives in meditation showed me otherwise.

So much of these torrential energies are clearing debris that has clouded our perceptions for eons. But, even with that… we must have eyes to see. For as long as we hold on to anything as true, it shall remain in our field as that. Which really makes the word true an impossibility really. Because even what we see as true today, may (and more than likely, will) change and evolve as we are able to see and embrace the deeper details of Life evolving.

In one of the readings the other day, a precious man asked about the timelines. I forget exactly how he phrased his question, but the reply back was stunning.

I could see all these lines, sort of like guitar or piano strings. So many of them…. uncountable really. So many of them had something that looked like fuzzy energy strewn across them. What spirit said is there is a team in play right now, that is correcting the timelines so they are all harmonious and will (eventually) line up as one full on harmonic. It was also explained that many many humans over many incarnations, have created what I see as the fuzzy energies because they keep adjusting the energies of time to their perceptions of what was/is needed.

All our energies should be focused on our personal evolution, inside and out, without our energetic and created reality systems. So much is changing, enhancing, and falling away.

Ohhhh the storms I had seen in readings the last couple days. Winds of change, one even blowing windows inwards to clear the way my lady seen the world (created and uncreated.) This is an personal enhancement and nothing negative.

Actually, it just donned on me!! Spirit said that this entire month was circular and all events and energies rebuilding the core of each of us. This void space is that core.

Well, my day is about to being.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with love and the winds of change at your back and not in your face!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas



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