Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 12, 2019

Gateways of Opportunities


There is so much to catch up on. Sorry I have not been able to put a post out in days, half due to over sleeping, the other half due to brain fog. But today, I will catch up the best I can.

We started the 2nd quarter of the year, which always brings a new energy system to the field. The new moon of this first quarter released a tremendous amount of original earth fragments to those who’s frequency can absorb them. Our new moon on the 5th was so powerful it was a 3 day event.

There seems to be so much “opportunity” that is coming with this new moon energy. I do want to clarify what spirit said “opportunity” means to them thru several of the readings. Keeping in mind, spirits focus is always on the soul growth as opposed to the humans idea of survival and prosperity. These opportunities are exactly that, something showing up in our personal as well as collective world(s) that give the soul the opportunity to grow/evolve.

There are many who think their soul knows all, understands all and that is so far from the reality of it. The soul comes here to evolve in many different ways. Duality is a magnificent teacher. Event the things we think we perfected along our path to here, has more perfection to it. More energy, more power, more everything.

Some of these “opportunities” were shown as gateways at the ground level of the persons field I was reading for. These gateways all looked different, one like a gate of a barn, one of a fancy fence, all different types (minus any fencing or any other detail on either side.)

Each persons magnetic field is drawing them to their gateway of opportunity, but in all things Life, free qill is always at play and is our responsibility to open the gate or not.

This coming full moon on the 19th plays a huge part in it all too. Again, thru what I am gathering thru the readings, it feels like it shines a light on the gateways before you/us. Opportunities to evolve. Keeping in mind, the soul evolves in many many different ways which always enhances the humans earth experience. For example, the soul may desire to evolve in compassion, in which case, we would enter an event where we need enhanced compassion at the human level. Or perhaps in grace, and we would be entering an event that would require enhanced grace.

Among the many things the soul may desire to experience there is one that is not often thought about, but the Pleiadians focus on it quite often in readings. That is the energy of beauty. Beauty is one of their strongest attributes and of course, has nothing to do with being pretty or attractive or pleasing visually, altho, it does enhance the visual field of light around such an advanced Being full of beauty. It is a State of Being. The phrase that comes to mind with this is “she has a beautiful heart.” That is a phrase that has more to do with the power of beauty and yet, there is more to it.

Our friends from the stars are going to be getting extra active in this next phase of our evolution on earth. They were showing themselves to me before my day of readings started yesterday and came thru a couple of the readings as well.

I did get a glimpse of the May energies… very very mutable. If you were to take melted marshmallow and a raw egg yolks, that is the texture of the May energies as well as the color spectrum too.

We are taking into our core so much new, enhanced energies that will need events of experience to fully realize what we are now capable of, that is the energies of May!!

My day of readings is about to begin!! Here’s hoping for more clarity of mind tomorrow!!

Love you all so much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of vibrancy and Beauty to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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