Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 24, 2019

Post Equinox – Full Moon Energies

new tree of life

Here we are, post equinox/full moon and many oh man, its strange field of readings!! But before I get to that, let me back up to just before the field closed its curtains on me.

On the 17th, all the readings were showing a large fluffy white tornado spout on the upper right side of everyone field. This was a constant thru the day. In my field, the right side could be interpreted one of two ways, emotions;/spiritual side or future energy. With this, no doubt, representing future energies.

My first lady had a bunch of smaller tornado spouts behind this constant main one. However, the energies had the opposite effect, instead of pulling energy up from the field of life thru them, they were dispersing the energies into my lady’s field from the main one. I could not see (with anyone) the ground level of the field, only what was happening just above it.

Silly me assumed everyone would have this reverse spouts for the rest of the day in readings, but nope. My next lady proved my assumption wrong. She had the most beautiful rain everywhere I could see, The rain was the color blue that we see of the earth when viewed from the sky. Her team was so damn tight lipped about what this meant to her, in contrast to my first lady.

The next day, which started the 5 day equinox season, spirit closed teh curtains on us. What was interesting about this particular visual is there was a curtain on the left and right sides of everyone’s field and they closed in the middle, at the equinox pole. I had already booked off the day before and after the equinox, knowing it was big. Didn’t realize it would be 5 days big!!

Five became the common theme as the field opened up yesterday!! Weather themes were common too, which takes me back to the last day of seeing the field, rain and tornadoes!!

Yesterday, one of my lady’s showed up with 5 cracks emerging in her field. It was as if an earthquake had happened and these were the fissures from it. They were scattered about from left to right, close and in the distance. In the fissue I was able to see first and most clearly, there was green life (some sort of pkant life I could not identify) growing from the fissure, which was about 5 feet long and at that viewing maybe only 2 inches wide. Her team explained it will widen every day and open up to new experiences as she arrives. Five life events that will play out and create change… soul evolution thru her subcycle that she is in. So not all at once, not even all this year… but will be life enhancing openings. God forbid we got to see what life events!! lol Maybe next time.

One lady, actually my first one, was being flooded. Like this massive rush of water coming in from our perceived future towards her field of life. This was seen in her preview (which I got for everyone on the field yesterday.) When we connected, she was in on the right side of her field, in the near future, surrounded by water up to her waist. At first I thought she was drowning since her arms were flailing in the air, then realized the waters stopped rising at her waist level. There is no doubt this is a massive rush of emotion coming at her… what creates it, not shown.

Another lady had snow, an easy 3 feet deep everywhere I looked. She was shoveling the snow, one huge shovel at a time, which her team said represented a day. Snow is emotion (water) in solid form. The fact that she was shoveling was she is consciously and unconsciously creating her experiences that will unfold each day, as she moves the snow (her life) forward. What I found interesting as well as kind of mind boggling, her path was not straight forward, even tho SHE was the one shoveling it. It went off to the right and then in about a weeks time, took a sharp turn to the left. Exactly what it all meant, unknown for now.

I was so surprised to see all the weather related imagery in all the readings, except my last one. She was a doozy lol.

again, I got a preview of her, hanging upside down in what appeared to be a dead tree and I all I kept feeling was like a bat. When we connected, that feeling was even more strong. It was explained that the tree was her tree of life and both were in a sort of hibernation moment absorbing the congealed energies from behind the equinox curtain (Which was still present and not allowing me to see anything in that time frame.)

It was explained to her that this is her season of blossoming, and she is currently deciding which fruit her tree will bear. It will go from what appeared to be dead to budding, flowering then fruit baring in the coming days/weeks/months (I cannot recall the time frame.)

Thru each reading yesterday, we were reminded that it was simply day 1 of this new sub-cycle in peoples lives. Their emotional focus is what will create what comes next.

If I can couple that with events in my own life, without giving too much detail because its so personal to the ones involved. For me personal the full moon illumination arrived on the 17th, giving light to people, experiences and even personalities I had not seen before. Changing dynamics in a whole new way. Which changes our approach to ongoing situations even.

With all the 5 energies being presented, change is at the forefront of all our lives. Not only for new things arriving, but our approaches to ongoing things with new clarity added. This sudden connection just flung itself into my solar plexus… I would be shoveling snow as well. Seeing whats deep below the surface and deciding my new approach day by day.

Ohhhh the puzzle gets more complicated!! lol On that note, my day is about to begin and do not want to let another day pass without a blog.

I so love and honor each and everyone of you, more than my words will ever truly express. Thank you for being a part of my life, my heart, my clarity!!

((((HUGZ)))) of illuminating change to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  3. Interesting readings. 🙂 I woke up the other morning with an image of the Red Sea Parting and me walking in the middle. LOL Have been feeling more centered and Blissful and “in Love” than ever. Maybe because I just turned 71 & still working, but feel great ! Happy Spring everyone. May you be blessed with your own Red sea Partings.


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