Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 18, 2019

Thru the Equinox, New Life and Earth Events are Forming!!

energy shifts

Well yesterday was an unexpected day in the field. It is the first time ever that everyone single person had the same exact visual and to make sure I knew this was going to be a non stop visual, it kept playing out in my field of vision between my 1st and 2nd appointment, which never has happened before either.

I know you have been missing my handy dandy homemade artwork, so I created a visual for you to follow along with this morning (smile.)




Imagine that the equinox pole was cut up into 2 foot lengths and out of everyone’s left side in the mental planes, these poles started rolling out about a foot, then dipped down into the physical planes about a foot, released a sudden burst of what looked like multi colored sperm or tadpoles, then went back up, repeated itself all the way across the field. But it wasn’t just one 2 foot length pole, behind it, another was released, then another… all very very slowly.

From what I understood thru the information released thru several of the people I was reading for…

The golden rods I had seen were the magnetic energies of the equinox, cut up into sections and magnetizing the energy of each person, pulling it into the pole, dipping down into the created field of life and releasing in periodic bursts of life creating energy.

Today thru the 22nd is the equinox energy package. It is a 5 day event. From what I understand, those multicolored spermy things will start to coagulate with like frequencies to form “Life Events” thru the coming year or so. Very particularly, Life Events. Spirit made that repetitively clear!!

What was not shown at all, was what exactly is being collected from the mental planes and released into our created field.

If we look at our mental planes as masculine energy and our physical planes as feminine energy, I can see the fusion of the two, the impregnation process. What I also find interesting, the equinox pole(s) were a very shiny/reflective gold. Gold is always the highest form of spiritual energy I see. So we can look at the energy of spirit absorbing into itself the particles of mental focus and bringing it down into created reality at both an individual level and of course, a collective level.

What I did not see yesterday, but am understanding this morning, the earth is doing the same, but in reverse. Pushing her silver energy up into the mental planes to fertilize the spiritual energy for creation. There are things the earth as a whole, must experience as well.

Weird, I can see a landscape (I cannot identify) shaking like crazy back and forth. The whole ground is visually shaking back and forth like a vibrator!! Visually, its open land. grassy, but not a lush grassy area, bare spots. Sparse vegetation. I do not see dwellings… so it must be in a remote area, at least the epicenter. No doubt an earthquake… when and where, dunno.

Ohhh before I close and start the next phase of my day. In the artwork I created, there is a place I just seen for the first time in a reading a few days ago, above the mental planes. Pure energy that assists the mental planes and creation. It gave me a contrast to the energy in the mental planes too, kind of like a debris field of dust, scattered thoughts and ideas that need more energy to come into form.

The season of that… begins as we pass thru the equinox.

I will share more tomorrow!! Until then, there is nothing you need to do but enjoy your day(s) for now.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new life events of growth to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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