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There is so much to share, I hope this misfiring mind of mine remembers it all in one sitting. Let’s start with some of the information coming thru the readings. It seems either all of us, or a good many of us (since I cannot read for everyone lol) are starting a new sub-cycle as we get into March. Which actually would make sense. Earth entered its first major sub-cycle of this era (that started 2013) as we moved into January 2019. Change of everything has been and will continue to be, underway. As we are experiencing our own removal of out dated energies from the mental planes, and more expanded, more truer truths coming in, we would have to be in a new position of experience.

But before I get into that, I am being asked to remind and explain those two little words with huge meaning.


Over so many lifetimes now, we have accessed what many would consider the unknown, especially of earths past history’s. We would get a fragment of truth, our perceptions of what was, gathered around that fragment and created a larger story. Those perceptions were pulled from collective understandings of what was and even, what is. Not necessarily the truth, but the minds need to create a larger story of the fragment gleaned. We then turn them into false memories. Not on purpose, but it is just the way the physical mind is designed. It fills in the gaps.

We can see this in many of the revered books that are still being used, the one I am most familiar with is the bible. Fragments of truth surrounded by tremendous inaccuracies, some placed in there on purpose, some just to make the story more legible.

Thru the readings as well as our Tuesday night classes in the Nation, a lot has been revealed that I never thought of, yet now makes perfect sense.

When we look in the sky, we see millions of stars shining up there. Each of those stars, planets and even the asteroids hold fragments of earths entire history. The true version.

If thru time we have only accessed lets say, three of those fragments and built stories and religions around them, what is happening now is more fragments are available to access. Which WILL change the original version of truth as more true details are released. To the degree that what we once thought of as blue may actually be red.

Letting go of all our perceptions of the past, of the future, of our selves, of each other… more crucial now than ever!!

As we hold and share these truer truths, our body’s are changing. Life is changing. The DNA template of life is changing.

An amazing soul in the field yesterday reminded me about something that came thru readings off and on for years, but I completely forgot about. (Way too much information for me to hold it all thru the decades lol.) Our immune system is changing, the autoimmune system is changing. For those assisting first hand in this biological change, it is being diagnosed as a disease (to use her doctors words.) Which really hit home for me. February has not been a very pleasant month in my body. My psoriasis is worse than it has ever been my whole life. But again, thru so many readings, what I take as symbolic has some literalness to it. Our skin is changing to match the new energies. My team told me long ago, that my psoriasis (that I wanted to heal and get rid of)) was important and the way the body accelerates the energy. I don’t think i ever really understood it until this week.

I first developed psoriasis when I was 17, when everything in my world started to change. I would get a new outbreak every 5 – 7 years until about age 40, then it was every few years, hardly noticeable at all. And then menopause (in 2012) seemed to open my doorways to such tremendous energies that my biological stability went completely out the window. My psoriasis outbreaks are now every fall, each passing year, the outbreaks are worse and worse. With it came the wonders of psoriasis arthritis. Ouchies. (As well as the wonderful gift of severe persistent asthma. I went from 0 to stage 4 asthma in a nanosecond.) We must also acknowledge my chronic voice loss over that time period too.

Changes. Biological changes at the DNA level. The immune system is one of the systems that started in the biological field of change.

We have this collective false belief that if we are spiritual and in alignment with everything, then this path is done with ease and bliss. Ummmm I beg to differ. lol If I didn’t have constant contact with my team, I would be feeling something is seriously wrong with me. That I somehow took a left turn on my path forward and lost my way. But I know I am, along with many others, in the midst of biological change at the DNA level.

We all have spent so much time healing, lifetimes upon lifetimes of healing that it is what we are conditioned to do, to think, to feel the necessity of.

Funny, I keep getting the visual of eggs to share. We crack open an egg (which too, was a part of readings I think, last year) and then we scramble them to make something new out of them. Once scrambled, you cannot unscramble them. Nor does anyone want to anyway. Same thing with the physical body, it is being scramble so that the next version of HUman can Become. This is a process. Nothing happens on earth overnight. There is much to be learned and understood by the changes as they are happening.

The airspace around is is filled with much higher frequencies of light, we are taking in much higher frequencies of light. Life is changing thru the entire planet to hold and use these higher frequencies.

With it, new fragments of truth are there for accessing for those who are not embedded in the old stories, concepts, ideas. From what I am understanding, these fragments have not been released to earth before, waiting for the time when the energies and people can fully process and use their fullness.

We have worked our butts off to get to here… and here we are!!

Well, I am sure there is more to share that I am forgetting and running out of morning to share. So until the next time (which will be next week, I have Val duties thru Monday and will be sleeping at here house til the,)

I love you all, soul much. Thank you for showing up and keeping us in the light of truth!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with gentleness as we change it ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S. For whatever reason, Tuesdays class only recorded 26 seconds of the time we were together, which is why it is not up on the site. Nothing but silence was released!!!


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