Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 18, 2019

Evolving DNA… Are You Allowing?


There is a lot of work being down in both our upper atmosphere (mental planes) as well as the lower atmosphere (physical planes.) The readings (really, non readings, I didn’t count any of them as a reading, cuz I am anal like that lol) are showing the work of clearing out the mental planes. If anyone feels like they stepped into the land of Alzheimer’s, its not you, is the blasting away of unneeded memory material. I am seeing intersections in the mental planes being blasted away. Clearing the past memory loops we have of as much inaccurate information as possible.

With that, there are collectives being dismantled, which means, when less and less false memories are shared, there is room for new information, true memories of earth and her glory and true story. So much has gotten tainted over time and retelling with just a slight deviation, lead to another deviation then before you know it, there is a mass memory of inaccurate information.

Now here is an analogy I am getting and why this “removal” is important. Many of our weeds that grow in gardens take on the appearance of the fruits or vegetables they are growing next to. I remember harvesting a strawberry field and the weeds looked exactly like the strawberry plants, minus the fruit. Their own life force could replicate the DNA Of a strawberry appearance, but could not replicate the special DNA ingredient that created the actual strawberry itself. Life has its own safety measures in place. So it could develop, but never become a true strawberry.

It is at the inaccuracy of our collective memories that hinders as well as stops the full progression of the human race. That time, is now coming to an end. The frequency of light on this planet is high enough to start dissembling collectives that kept old stories/beliefs alive. The illumination of these inaccuracies will be made manifest to assist the domino affect in its clearing. Equally… new fruits will be born. DNA not given to the human species will start to come in and become the fully evolved human (over time, nothing in this realm is instant, as much as we wish it was.)

Which goes into what I also seen thru the non readings, a new skin so to speak. A new container to hold the higher vestiges of DNA will start to embed.

We can look at February as the sand blasting month. Those that are not stuck in old memories will be getting a new surface energy (I see it as new skin) to hold the higher DNA together in output.

You are also seeing this collective clearing in the weather anomalies, removing and replacing connective tissue (so to speak) truth. Connective tissue that will require group energy to facilitate what we are capable of. The days of soulo work will be coming to a pass over the years.

On that note, my day is about to begin again. The first part of the super powers series was uploaded yesterday. I am seriously behind in emails, I now bob and weave between here and my daughters house in the morning and evenings. I will get caught up…. eventually!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and truth to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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