Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 16, 2019

Listen and Become the New HUman

new human

There is so much happening in the energetics of the planet, of all living things here in this crazy realm. The only thing I was able to pick up at all yesterday thru my attempt at readings, was a visual of seeing that place between what I consider earths atmosphere and the upper atmosphere and this HUGE ring of fire, akin to the smaller one I seen on my head during my fever. It flashed in rather quickly, but gave me hope that the antennas will soon be restored (today would be a good day have that done lol.) However, there is a lot I am understanding thru that quickie especially in relationship to Listening.

As we got towards the end of January, I could see that February was yet another series of frequencies higher. I rarely understand what that means to us until we get into that new frequency zone. This one has not been an easy zone to tap into. That is because the ethers are still being cleared, purified if you will.

Rarely do we listen with our whole Being. Instead, we listen with our minds, our egos which takes in information based on past experience. The ego has zero connection with anything that isn’t already part of its history. Example, I may say that the air is very fluid, someone that does not speak energetically may think I said the air is filled with water or moisture. Often times, if we have an idea or option about something, we add that to what we think we heard. Going back to my simple statement of the air being fluid, one may assume I mean its going to rain soon and start looking for an umbrella. None of which I meant, but it is how it was perceived.

As we stepped into 2019, the planet as a whole moved into higher frequencies, new forms of communication and understanding. But not many are hearing the new frequencies. Instead, the old continues to be what is heard, interpreted, expected.

In readings, it is not enough that I understand the new communication, as I relay it back, it MUST be understood by the receiver as well for the information and energy to expand and take us to the next level of evolution.

Part of the challenges that will continue to arise is to find new solutions, take quicker action, become the leaders of tomorrow instead of the bringers of the past, which only brings chaos and not the chaos of change but of confusion.

There is a tremendous amount of light energy coming in at this moment. Unfiltered and unbiased. It is amplifying all that needs to change, but equally, illuminating the expanse of the new horizon still forming.

We use the image of the rings of fire, fully lit, for a reason. To create the earthquakes in the many collectives holding onto yesterday. To purify the energies being breathed out so new landscapes of collectives may form. Collectives that herald the new HUman.

There are new attributes within the body, new glands and organs formed in the light, that needs the new frequencies of understanding to solidify. To take the HUman race to its fullest of potentials.

To go there, we must lay down many of our (now) false beliefs that anything outside of humanity is controlling or manipulating any one person or groups of people. These collectives have become strong over time and the erosion has begun. The illumination that it is all personal ego, bound together by many (which forms collectives) will force self responsibility.

Landscapes are being cleared and brought up in frequencies. New magentics in the airspace are interconnecting to other planes of existence for those with hearts taught to hear.

The tide of life has changed, the undertow is strong. There is no need to be swept into repeated cycles if you just let go of all you think you know and understand. Free will is humanities double edged sword.

We are, the Star Collective and will be assisting thru the coming years.

(It has been forever since I did a full on channeling, I kinda like it. That said, this group feels stern lol. But, we are turning star into Speak Truth and Rejoice.)

On that note, I pray they continue as my readings begin.

I love you all, may today be the day the silence of the field is broken!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of love and gratitude to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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