Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 15, 2019

February Opens the Challenges for Soul Growth!

soul growth

I finally have a morning I can share!! Man oh man did February unfold like a beast for me. On February 2nd I got a call from my son in law to check on my daughter. She was wobbly and incoherent when he left for work. I was able to get there 3 hours later (10am) and found her face down on the floor of her bedroom unresponsive. After an hour of trying to arouse her, I called the EMTs. She was brought to the ER and holy heavens the series of blood tests they ran on her!! I told them about her prior drug addiction, but was sure this was not related. They decided to try narcan to see if that would bring her around before any of the blood tests came back. It did for about 2 minutes then she was back in a stupor.

Imagine my shock when we found out she tested positive for cocaine, opiods and benzos. But also, she was rocking a 105 fever, they found an infection within the blood tests, to this day, of unknown origin. They did a urine test on her, and and became very alarmed. She was in the midst of muscle breakdown due to extreme dehydration. They did a CT scan on her lungs, head and kidneys, fortunately all came back ok.

They started broad-spectrum antibiotics and did a second much stronger narcan dose. It helped for a few minutes longer than the first, but then she was back in her stupor.

She was admitted to the hospital for the next three days and I never left her side.

On the third day, her doctor recommended she talk to a psychiatrist, which I was all for. At first she refused, and I blew up at her. She needs therapeutic help to deal with the postpartum depression that truly led to this drug overdose. At this point, I was not convinced she didn’t try to OD. She finally gave in, agreed to talk, opened herself up completely to this psychiatrist, who immediately called child protective hotline and reported her as negligent and abusive. Of course, we only found that out when social services showed up at the hospital and told us what the complaint was. It came in anonymously but we knew who did it. I called her MD out for what happened, she confirmed it was the psychiatrist who did it which she claimed was his duty.

This is where so much gets interesting. Not in a good way, but truly an educational way. The psyc doc told the hotline that this lady (val) is taking cocaine to go to sleep and that her husband is an alcoholic. When the social services lady stated that to val and asked if it was true, val said no one ever takes cocaine to go to sleep (nor did she say that to the doc) and that alex does not drink.

The social services lady heard… she did not take any illegal drugs and wrote that in her report. Val never once denied anything but using cocaine to sleep.

By the end of the social service interview, I became temporary caretaker of the baby. She wanted me to take him to my house until they can complete their investigation… I’m not set up for a baby. She allowed me to stay at their house until the investigator came.

I fully realized just how inefficient listening skills are. When someone has the authority to destroy your life, remove your infant, listening should be top notch, imho anyway.

The week I spent at Vals house, well communication and listening was the theme. Learning to communicate, to listen…..

Tuesday the main investigator showed up at their house. I liked her a lot. An Australian lady who truly listened without any judgement at all. I was so praying for one of the good guys to show up and my prayer was answered.

She realized alex is not an alcholic and deemed him a fit father. Valorie needs to prove herself, which I can fully understand. The social service lady gave us a really good helpful strategy, just incase this should happen again. If it happened again, the baby would be immediately taken away. She suggested we three file for join custody, this way the baby would automatically go to me and not into foster care. We did that the very next day. Val starts therapy on Friday and NA on Saturday. Both required, the therapy, in my opinion, so very needed.

Needless to say, my antennas have been twisted up in stress knots since February started. I have not been able to do a single reading, not for the lack of trying.

During this time, maybe about 3 days before the investigator got came to talk with us, I got one hellofa case of the stomach flu. I volunteered to do nighttime baby duty so alex and val could get some sleep. The baby woke up for the first feeding and my stomach felt really weird, especially when he laid on it. I picked him up 3 hours later for his next feeding and my whole body flushed down with dizziness. It was strange because this dizzy started at the very top of my head and literally ran thru my body all the way down to my feet, once it hit my feet I could see what looked like the ring of fire crowning my head. I put the baby back in his bassinet and told him hold tight… I flew to the bathroom and threw up. That was rather disgusting!! Its been so many decades since I spontaneously threw up… I was shocked that the baby gave me an hour to regain myself, he went back to sleep. Usually when he is hungry, there is no stopping him until he gets fed. He had mercy. An hour after his feeding, I woke up with a vengeance of hurling. Fortunately he remained asleep. I realized I also had a 101 temp. Come to find out, val not only had the same thing I did all night, but at the same time too.

During my midnight ring of fire, I felt this amazing download of clarity come thru. I can’t really say what the clarity is, but was an oddly wonderful sensation.

I was kind of hoping it would all be revealed thru the readings, but my antennas must still be in the shop. Even yesterday, now that the brunt of the stress of what might happen is behind me… nothing.

So I took a little trip to spaceweather to see what else was going on. Sure enough, geothermic storms, solar winds, erratic weather, Hawaii got snow!!

All of January thru the majority of the readings, spirit has been telling of challenges coming into our lives to facilitate the growth of the soul. Giving us opportunities to make new, wiser choices. To use our enhanced intuition and to take the experiences as we learn from them and share them with others to assist.

I am always hoping to get a free pass on anything challenging, but hell no!! It does give me absolute clarity as to why I am in Virginia, I can now lean into gratitude there, cuz my grandson would have been placed in foster care if I wasn’t. I was raised in the foster system, no babies of mine are going that route if I can help it in any way.

Valorie is in a good place within herself now. She has taken full responsibility for her actions, accepts the consequences of them as well. I will still be at their house a lot since she cannot even pick the baby up from daycare without me or alex with her. She…. we all will become stronger because of this.

On a completely separate note, we are starting the super powers 4 week class tomorrow at 2:30pm EST.

I wanted to make this sharing a catch up on what is happening in my world. Tomorrow, we will expand on the listening aspect .

I love and miss you all soul very much. Thank you for always enduring my chaos of changes.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in silent whispers of clarity to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


We are doing it differently this time (as per spirits instructions.)

4 weeks (each Saturday in February.) We will do a group meditation on the first week

Accessing your enhanced and new super powers

then a group discussion about your homework experiences week 2, another group meditation

Unifying our new skills

week 3, followed by an overall discussion week 4.

$33 for all 4 weeks. Saturday February 16th thru March 9th at 2:30 pm EST.

All classes will be recorded and you will have direct access to the recording afterwards via an emailed link. Nations Members, you are already included!!

Sign up here:

There should be a $10 add on option for the Unlocking DNA meditations (which I will mail you the link to download. If not there, please let me know.)

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