Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2019

The New You/Us Emerging!!


Finally, we are getting some sneak peaks into our progressive future. I find it rather interesting tho, a lot of the magnetic sparks of life events, your (our) personal creation, is visible way down the road, going even into the 3rd quarter of this year, yet things straight in front of us, not so much.

The one thing that is becoming very evident, we are all getting new, enhanced super powers. I can see the energies thru the readings, but when I woke up yesterday, it was clear as a bell. My team gave me instructions on these next set of classes in February, first one of course, focused on accessing the enhancements within each person. If I am feeling correctly, the second would be using the enhancements as a group entity. But with anything spirit… always subject to change with more information lol.

Since my last blog, I have gotten several emails telling me how to protect myself so my body doesn’t take on so much energy thru the readings. What I do via the readings is not the same energy as when we are doing healing work. If we look at those who truly need healing, their bodies are vibrating quite slowly, slower than the DNA needs, hence, the dysfunction within the person. Being in an accelerated body/energy form is natural protection. Nothing dense can set in when your vibrating faster than the person your working on.


Our readings are done at the leading edge of Light. Light and energy frequencies that are incoming, often times for the first time in this earths history. It purposely upgrades the DNA, the frequency, including mine.

Using my teams example of being in a rainstorm with an umbrella, yes, you stave off most of the energy, but ya still get wet. Same here. And, if you plan on using your new upgrades, your not going to be working on old energy bodies. There are many people currently doing that now, we need those working the new energies to perfect themselves. With that said, the more you work with others in your new, enhanced skill-sets, the quicker your vibration goes. Which takes a toll on the biology, eventually.

My team showed me something this past week, that I really didn’t understand until this moment. I started working in this new reading way in 2012. The same time I went thru menopause. I’ve always grumbled about the menopause because my body started to change the way it functions since then. I loose my voice for what seems to be no apparent reason, I was gifted asthma, psoriasis arthritis and other things. Kinda pissed me off.

This week, as I question everything my body is dealing with, I was shown that very time-frame and my entire field opening up to a super intense light field. Actually, now that I am being seriously reminded of it lol, the same light field I am seeing now, in readings.

From 2012 thru the last of 2018, we were all increasing our frequencies, unlocking DNA at so many intersecting points, practicing new ways, new ideas, new everything. In order for me to see and understand the readings, I had to be on the other side of creation looking and experiencing inwards to match all the readings, all the frequencies and skill-sets. Which of course, created a massive uptick in my own frequency and DNA. (I am not the only one, many have too, but since this is personal to me, I am sharing my experienced understanding.)

I have been reminded this week of a saying, I think came from kryon, but cannot remember, nor remember the exact words, so I will use my own… but when we leave this earth, we want to be tattered and torn, BECAUSE we played the game not that we felt too delicate to play.

Anyway, I have GiGi duties today. Both my girls are moving into their new homes, new lives today. I love you all soul much and love the love you send to me!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of new skills and new frequencies to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Use coupon code: February


We are doing it differently this time (as per spirits instructions.)

4 weeks (each Saturday in February.) We will do a group meditation on the first week

Accessing your enhanced and new super powers

then a group discussion about your homework experiences week 2, another group meditation

Unifying our new skills

week 3, followed by an overall discussion week 4.

$33 for all 4 weeks. Saturday February 2nd thru the 23rd at 2:30 pm EST.

All classes will be recorded and you will have direct access to the recording afterwards via an emailed link. Nations Members, you are already included!!

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