Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 25, 2019

The Hazards of Biology


Yesterdays day of readings were interesting, nothing like I anticipated post eclipse, but that is now a common theme for myself lol. Every single person was at the edge of their field (life) looking out to the horizon of their personal world. Every person had their backs to me and every person had spiritual snow coming down throughout their entire field. Equally, every person had some sort of energy/body work being done as well, each vastly different of course.

The “spiritual snow” is not accumulating but penetrating the ground of each person’s life, individually. Pure, hydrating energy fueling our next great adventures.

I was really surprised to see yet another series of energy work being done at the physical level. We just had a double infusing coming from the eclipses, now more…

There was one lady yesterday, her team repeated over and over again that the work being done at her head level was to “expand her consciousness at the physical level.” Usually when spirit wants to make a point very clear, they may repeat something 2 or 3 times. this had to be repeated at least 8 times. It comes with a feeling many of us may be placed in situations where the norm is no longer the correct approach and we need to reach higher, deeper, for the best outcome.

The last two weeks, we had a specialty meditation class, first one on unlocking the physical DNA and the second was all about our fields of life. I found yesterdays reading position (at the edge of their life, facing the future or equinox energy really) with the way the meditation on Tuesday’s field of life event started. Same potion.

Normally when I lead a meditation, I see the visuals then find the words to take everyone on that journey. Same happened on Tuesday, except, the visuals I was experiencing included information for me as well. That usually does not happen. I was kinda glad really. One part of the meditation included seeing your personal tree in the center of your left (physical life) field. The tree had many attributes to it, but one main one that took me slightly by surprise (with myself that is) is the reflection of you, back to you.

I kinda wanted an oak tree, but it kept reverting to an ever green. The most perfect evergreen tree you ever seen. Hold that thought a moment and let me back up to my own inner review this past week.

My physical body is challenged. I am getting neuropathy in my hands and my legs, primarily on the left side, but creeping over to the right side.. I decided to google neuropathy several days ago, just to see some of the causes and got so much more than I bargained for (in understanding.)

One of the articles I read talked about the degrading of the mylar sheathing between synopsis. Instantly I remembered so many readings over the years where the energies were coming in to enhance some of my precious suols synopsis’ and the neuropathways.

I have known for a very long time now, that when we are in readings together, I too am taking in the energies coming into you, by virtue of being a part of your field for the time we are together. Not once did I ever think it would also be targeting me in the same way it is targeting you, only in small mini doses, lasting as long as our connection. Yet, I have had many physical affects while in readings, so have no idea why that light bulb never tuned on for me lol.

I spent the last several days getting understanding.

So often in readings, spirit will gives us some information, but not all the details of whatever it is they are revealing. Mostly so we do not avoid something. I have been doing readings now for 16 years, always pushing myself to see further, higher, more clearly. In the beginning years, we were all in the midst of emotional clearing, which was my greatest gift unto myself thru you. I cleared my self because you showed up wanting to clear you. In 2012, we all started the acceleration process of human evolution and the way I was able to read changed significantly. For which, I am grateful. But if I knew it would take a detrimental toll (physically speaking) on my biology, I am not quite sure I would have kept pushing myself.

We have been deluding ourselves with the idea if we put up protection around us, the energy we work with will not have an affect. My team showed me a visual of being outside in a rainstorm holding an umbrella. Yeah, we shield the energy from drenching us, but we still get wet anywayz.

We are, at source level, interconnected.

So I was shown the ever green tree to remind me, all of us, that we are always perfect, flawless and eternal. Our bodys will change, become uncomfortable, what we as humans may perceive as break down, but that is simply change in progress.

We have chosen to be here, at this time of intense evolution, for exactly that. Now here is a surprising add in. I often keep to myself the condition of my body, simply because so many loving, kind, generous souls want to send me energy, which I really do appreciate. But its the energy that got me into this condition to begin with. lol More is always better, no matter what the flavor or dose.

That said… our physical medicines often times help. It allows the body changes to ground into the changes, sort of slows the speed of vibration, or maybe re-calibrates is a better explanation. We tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater and discount some of the amazing drugs of assistance on the market today. Which, I must give a shout out to albuterol! I can no longer afford the AirDuo, so albuterol keeps me breathing thru the day. Or better said, consistently re-calibrates the air sacs in my lungs.

So, all that shared to say, we in the ride of our lives. Our bodies are not meant to be taken back in pristine condition, instead, use it, love what you do, and be grateful we are Here, Now.

Have an spectacular day filled with love, life and spiritual snow (smile.)


Lisa Gawlas

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