Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 12, 2019

The Triad of Energy Includes the March Equinox.

triad of energys

There is no doubt what spirit wants me to share today, since it was in my minds vision the moment I woke up this morning. The March equinox started to become relevant thru some of the readings yesterday, what spirit is calling a triad of energy coming in now.

I know how much everyone has missed my handy dandy artwork, so twice in one week should satisfy (smile.)

triad effect.jpg

We are all somewhere on that line between the two eclipses, heading into the lunar eclipse of course. Some are closer, some are further, but all heading towards it as the equinox now mixes in its magnetic field of energy to the mix. it seems to be adding this radiance of clarity to the field, like a light that is bright but also, clear (as opposed to white.)

I have seen one person show up with the equinox pole directly in her field between the eclipses, others the energies just starting to come in and yet others, no connection (yet) to the equinox. Not one is better or worse than the other. Ever. It is just how our field is developing, the intricacies at play and so on.

There also seems to be a push/pull effect coming in with the equinox energy as well. Keeping in mind, up until the December solstice, one series usually pulled energy in, the other sent it out )solstice/equinox) now all are doing the same. A pure blend of spiritual energy igniting creation in physical life.

If I am understanding this correctly (always subject to change with more information) we are receiving the dark matter of creation from the solar eclipse, the emotional/life current energy coming in from the lunar eclipse and now the igniting of that which is ready, from the equinox. Including what I will just call your stem cells of life. Waiting for your emotional desires to match the frequency of life to get it started in manifesting as part of your life experience.

Much more than that, I am unsure of… yet. But when spirit wakes me up with a vision hanging in my face, I know I need to share it.

On that note, I must get ready for the next phase of my day. Hopefully more information to be gleaned and shared!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of clarity and life igniting to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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