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First let me apologize for the major oops I did in the link I provided yesterday. I completely forgot to add what days the Unlocking DNA via Group Meditation will be held on, so my calendar did not continue its journey of booking those who wanted to sign up. So sorry!! The correct link and information is now working. The total fee for both weeks is $22, please do not hit two unless you are giving one to someone else.  Be sure to set your time zone to go to the next page:

There is so much energy coming in, crazy crazy really. There does seem to be another theme unfolding during our trek between eclipses, that is being stretched. Stretching our biology, our minds, our energy fields… There are some I have seen such amazing clarity in their core energy, matching the clarity seen int he mental planes.

What I want to be clear on (smile) is what clear means. Until we leave this body, we will always be in the human field of life. Which will give way to emotions and thoughts that may seem a bit… old energy. That does not take away from the clarity of your YouNess. Not unless you allow it to grow legs and lead your life once again. We will have those moments that feels like we took a giant leap back in our path, but it is only momentary as you know how to reorient yourself back to neutral or zero point. We can get cranky, pissy, unsure… but only for a moment. That does not make anything cloudy in our mental or emotional fields. Again, unless it grows legs and leads us…

I think I am starting to understand something I never really thought about before. The mental planes is full of creation energy. It is what creates our days and nights of experience. Our core energy is the emotional field that gives life to each moment. I made the most humble visual to show you how I see and understand this:

mental and emotional planes.jpg

The round yellow being the mental plane and the long yellow being the core energy or emotional body. The colored specs I included are the way I am seeing the new codes of DNA being added in. When we match the frequency of the core with the frequency of the mental planes, a new switch is turned on. We can’t wish it into existence, or mantra its way in, unless you match emotion with the current in the mental planes.

This being the landscape of duality, all switches has its opposite effect there too. Example, if you are saying you desire a significant other, yet your emotional field is saying something else, you are truly keeping that which you think you want, away. I use this example because I have seen it now a few times this past week.

This clarity is also known as living the state of Shambhala which is giving way to a very new, refined power within our mental and emotional planes. I have not seen how it works yet, but I have a feeling, our DNA class is going to reveal a lot thru our two sessions.

These dots are magnetic pulls to certain people, places, events, some are ideas, some are inspirations, new spiritual abilities and so on. Included in these dots (DNA switches) are what we can consider stem cells, things we want and desire at the human level to encode and fire up. We so often discount our physical lives and what we want there, but that is as important in our mastery as what our soul wants and needs.

The key is, knowing how to emote properly to flip the switch to outcome!!

On that note, I gotta flip the switch to readings. Again, my apologies for yesterdays confusion with the class link.

I love you all soul very much. Thank you for showing up and keeping us all informed of what is happening, how and why!!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of emotional frequencies igniting life in beauty-filled ways to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

To book a reading, click here:



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  2. I’m sorry – I have tried everything to click on and still can’t get the sign up to work (for the $22 2 nights). This time the Qty does come up but can’t figure out how to select it? I highlighted the box with the description of it, but that doesn’t go anywhere. Can you tell me how to get to where I can make the payment. Thank you!!!


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