Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2019

Dark Matter and Living Shambhala!!


There is so much information coming thru the readings, today I am going to cheat and upload to this sharing, Tuesdays Nation class. It will save me a lot of typing (which my fingers will greatly appreciate) as well as assure us that I do not forget some of the taste nuggets that came thru class. The recordings will be at the bottom of this sharing.

For the last couple days, a few of the readings had the energy of dark matter being placed into their biology. The 3 people I had seen with dark matter, all were split open/apart in some way and the dark matter being shoveled in to affect the DNA of their bodies, of course, each in their own way.

What I did not realize until my last reading yesterday, was this dark matter is also in relationship to the dark side of the sun thru the eclipse period. My last reading made that perfectly clear in the strangest of ways.

He showed up with what looked like two meat hooks placed inside the left and right side of his skull. Unlike everyone else I had seen, instead of walk thru the energy of the eclipse (from the ground level) these meat hooks were pulling him upwards, with every tick of the second hand, slowly, until he is on (from my view) the back (dark) side of the sun during the eclipse. It put him in head first, and that is when I realized the correlation between the dark matter I have been seeing and this eclipse. He went thru the belly of the sun and came out the sun rays on the other side in this amazing iridescent body.

Another thing that has been consistent in the readings, as we come out of this eclipse the three foot platform I see most people standing on in readings, will elevate to about 5 feet (keeping in mind, the height is all scale of my vision.) A rapid elevation of our platforms of life.

One thing you will hear us talk about in the audios, is the clarity of the mental planes that is being revealed. Anytime I have ever seen the mental planes in our readings, they always looked like the energy of a hurricane system viewed from above the clouds… always cloudy too. Not no mo’!!!

It was explained we have done so much inner work/clearing that it has allowed for the mental planes of earth to become so clear, which also allows for the embedding of new, higher energies/thoughts/ideas/magnetic intersections.

This clarity is going to give way to new ways of approaching/helping those still clearing their mental planes. But also, a word I have not heard in years was dropped in when someone asked a question about the mental planes clarity. Shambhala. = Peace/Love/Harmony. Keeping in mind, we have a tendency to look for that outside of ourselves, shambhala can ONLY EXIST within ourselves. Those seeking others to exude that, will get a rag to clear up the clouds (smile.)

Equally, do not mistake the energy of peace, love and harmony to mean the removal of duality. Not even close. We are in this realm for our souls evolution and duality will remain, including the ups and downs of navigating thru life. The growing pains of DNA evolving/changing will continue. The distortion of what we perceive as good and bad, will continue. Shambhala is achieved when you can observe it all and remain filled with peace and love within yourself.

So here we are, today, in the process of the partial solar eclipse. I pray to god it does not eclipse the field!!!

On that note… Have an amazing energy filled day, bringing to light a brand new you and me!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with peace, love and harmony thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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