Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 28, 2018

2019 Magnetic Calibrations and Seeding Underway

magnetic calibrations

I hope you all had the greatest holidays. Mine was extraordinary and so surprising when I went to my sons house for Christmas and seen Michelle and Rune there!!! It has been 9 years since all my kids were in the same place for Christmas!! Of course, the first time all three of my grandbabies were together as well!! These are the surprises I can handle!! lol

What caught me even more by surprise was driving away from my sons house to head home, this feeling of being in love just filled me. I am so madly in-love with my children and grandchildren, I thought that feeling only comes from romantic relationships,,,,, nope!!!

The readings were interesting yesterday. There is a meld of the 2018 and 2019 energies infusing all life as well as (still) setting up the magnetic field of 2019 landscapes. There is also an ongoing uplifting into the 2019 super sub-cycle. So the magnetic are pulling us up into higher frequencies, penetrating our entire biological field, our energy field and then spewing out as magnetic seed energies.

The one thing I felt for certain, is that the intricacies of 2019 and way beyond anything I have ever seen, in both personal as well as planetary events. Embedding the magentics that pull person/place/time together is in overtime from the soul level of planning. As one team said, a lot of stubborn humans here!! lol

Keep in mind, I speak in “year” format (2018/2019) and it really has nothing to do with the year so much as it does with the energy that is of that year. So it really is energy I am speaking of. With that in mind, not everyone will arrive all at the same time, some will take an extra week or two, some as we enter the cross over, some I am sure, are there now. But all life, in every form, will enter the 2019 energetic landscape.

Hand in hand, heart in heart, we will master the many hurdles being set up, together!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with magnnetic wonder to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. We are holding the Nations Tuesday night class on Wednesday the 2nd. We had our class on the 26th, but mostly we talked about Christmas since there was nothing new to share. I did not upload that audio. There will be lots of things to go over this Wednesday.

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Thanx to my daughter Michelle/Katt we all got Christmas Onsies and a JCPennys photo shot:

IRune, Christopher and Zachariah 2018

Rune, Christopher and Zachariah 2018




The lady sitting next to me is my new roommate and Jessica’s grandma.



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