Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 15, 2018

The White Energy Release of 12/11

white energy

I must apologize, I had no idea I have not put out a sharing since the energy release of Dec 11th!! I knew yesterday when I woke up that I had a lot to share, but damn if I couldn’t think of the first thing!! I am convinced we had some sort of a reboot day yesterday. But, before I get to that, lets back up to the 11th.

I could not wait to see what this energy release looked like and most importantly, how it will effect us going forward. Much to my surprise, my first appointment on that day showed no new energy. Instead, my lady was clinging to the Dec 5th passageway. Her hands were clinched on it so tightly I could feel it in mine. The feeling of refusing to let go was so strong and obviously, allowed by spirit.

I understand how the need to justify what we, at the human level, want and do not want to let go of. I have been there many a time. But we truly are living clinching for the soul experience, the soul growth and evolution and that will always come first by our teams. Alto I did not see any details of consequence, I know from my own history spirit has a way of unclinching our hands from what we wont let go of, one way or another.

What I have been trying to understand, is how is every other person that I have read for since that moment, all getting infused with this new insanely bright white energy released on the 11th and her, not at all.

This energy, wow what a brilliance to it, to the feeling of it. As the energies have been doing lately, it appears differently for each and every person. Some even have various pastel (new energies) colors in the intense whiteness of it.

I think the best way for me to describe these two energy systems, the black being the wipe out of all the old programs we have been running and a brand new hard drive placed in, with new quantum circuitry to accept the white energy, the new software we are being filled with.

There is so much preparation being done even at the interdimentional levels for 2019, it makes me wonder just what we are all getting ourselves into!!

Ohhh speaking of getting ourselves into… there has been a consistent message back thru the readings, when talk about upcoming challenges for soul growth in 2019. How we choose to approach any challenge we have, will determine how we move thru the challenge. Nothing is hard, unless we fight it and then it becomes exhausting for the human. If we find ways to be in gratitude, and work with whatever is changing, being challenged, it really is much easier and often times, not even seen as a challenge.

Now yesterday threw me for a loop, every person had their own personal X. Personal because no two Xs presented the same. I am really starting to feel the uniqueness of what we are getting into. We. as a field of light, have followed each others ways for a long time, which was good and doable to this point. Each soul comes packing unique skills available ONLY to that soul, to each one of you. It is time to discover what that is. Even what you think you know or are familiarly capable of doing… there will be new skills, new abilities, new enhancements only you can bring forward. As we get into January, we will do workshops thru the Nations members to discover what they are. It will be in addition to our Tuesday night classes and a way to make up for the weeks I was away.

What I cannot believe, at all, is we are so close to the solstice on the 21st and not one single reading has focused on that. Its the first time in ever that it has not been the focus coming into December, by now. Which tells me, just how huge and important these black (goo) and white (marshmallow) energies are.

That said, yesterday was not a pleasant day in my body. Ouchies. It hurt from morning til night. My brain started crashing the moment I sat down to write and enhanced thru every reading. I know we went thru some sort of reboot yesterday, it will be interesting to see what today shows. Speaking of which, my day is about to begin….

Ohhhh and I made a major oops. I posted my new address on my calendar, and completely forgot the N. before 7th street. There is a 213 N. and a 213 S. 7th street. I have fixed it, thanx to a precious soul’s post office asking which direction. So sorry about that!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the brightest energy yet!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  4. Lisa, Thanks so much for your inspiring words and your insights.
    Happiest of holidays to you and to all healers everywhere, Alice Clagett


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