Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 20, 2018

The Void and the Moons…


Holy energy systems batman!! I swear these days, I do not know if I am coming, going, upwards or downwards!! I cannot recall the last sunny day here in Texas, it has been a month of rain, which does not help the human energy system called me. lol But, for those concerned, no warning of flooding here around me, that I know of anywayz. Except, of course, the flooding of these energies.

I could not sleep at all the evening of the 15th, which made moving thru the 16th this side of impossible. My brain and body were down for the count. I swear it felt like there was compression happening in my mental planes and the lack of sleep served as a numbing agent. However, I got the best sleep I can remember getting that evening and woke up the 17th fresh as a daisy. The moment I woke up the feeling “today is the day” flooded me. I got most of my kitchen packed up with the energy supply and whatever that feeling was about, I am still a bit clueless. I was soooo looking forward to the readings on Monday, the 18th to see what happened!!

I was soooo disappointed to see nothing, hear nothing on Monday, understand…. nothing. We won’t even talk about the 5 people having to be rescheduled… again!! I was a bit bitchy with spirit and when my day of rescheduling was done, I sat upon my holy couch and let loose with my bitchfest!! Instantly I heard, there is a planetary reboot underway. Why not tell me this in the first place, I could have adjusted my schedule accordingly!! But nooooo…. it was a complete surprise to me. I think I was so frustrated I started to even doubt I heard that correctly, was there really a reboot?

Two hours later, my phone could not connect to the internet nor place a phone call at all. Not even 611 to ask Verizon what happened. I remembered a couple months ago one of their satellites completely crashed and Texas lost data connection for hours, must have happened again. 2 hours into waiting for it to get restored, I drove to my daughters to leach some wifi and call them. Nope, it was all me. I fell off the server and they had to do an individual reset, a reboot to connect to their system.

Yeah, I got it!! But not as clearly as I did yesterday!!

Thank god I was able to see and hear and do what I do all day yesterday. What surprised me the most was how different each person was. I want to make everything linear, according to calendar dates, even when spirit keeps saying we are out of time and everything now is a frequency event, not a date on the calendar event.

So some people are just entering the blackout/void period, others are walking towards the completion of this new/full moon sandwich, which I am so glad we got to see and understand thru the first two readings. I had no clue what would be revealed this week considering this void place is merging together the full moon energies of the first quarter 2019 blueprints and the new moon the last quarter 2018 blueprints and yet we still have days before we go beyond the actual full moon.

I think the best image to help us fully undertand this moment coming into the full moon is one of my ladies had all these wires coming down into her brain. The wiring were color coded blue and red and there were hundreds of them. Her team kept showing me the color coding of electrical wires and explained that the red and blue are in relationship to that. Well, what the hell is that? I am not an electrician!! lol So here, I looked it up: Electricians often use black,red or blue wires to deliver electricity to a circuit from the main panel.

What was explained that the electricity was being enhanced depending on her thoughts and emotional output, as well as her ongoing choices thru any given moment.

Directly in front of her were three different paths that she is currently choosing to experience. The middle path was silver, all about her physical life, the one to my right was gold, all about her spiritual growth and the one to my left was white, experiencing opportunities she had been avoiding to give her new growth. One was not better or worse than the other and it was eventually revealed that by the end of this quarter, the three should merge together as one. Emphasis on should… just because we are presented with opportunities for growth, does not mean we always take them.

One of my ladies was sitting in her center, in what looked like a computer chair, spinning around and around like crazy. Every now and then she would pause at the 10 o’clock position for a moment, then spin again, pause again, spin again. It took us a while, but we figured out that something from her past (she knew exactly what) was preventing her from moving forward. She needed to go into that position and understand the karmic energy that is preventing forward movement.

Her team kept showing us a small tree branch being snapped in half, something broken that prevents the opening of forward movement. Again, she knew exactly what that was and will be clearing her karmic closet to clear her way.

Well, my day is about to being, so I will leave off there until next time!! I love you all soul much!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Do you have any advice to help someone who has gone through the trauma of losing their beloved fur baby Monday night the 15th. I’m still not sure what happened. And I feel so guilty that I couldn’t do more to save her. She passed in my arms. I’m already going through so much spiritually. This was unforeseen and I feel less grounded than ever. Logically I can be here but my emotions are running amuck. I can’t get those moments out of my space. My poor baby girl. Why is everything happening so much ?! What is my role ?! Why must I continue to see the destruction of what I think is real and why can’t it move with me into the next realm. Mostly it being my baby girl. I’m just not understanding right now why things are the way they are. Aside from death. I don’t want to be on this plane anymore.


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