Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 11, 2018

A Blackout of Converging Energy Coming on the 16th, 17th.

new and full moon energies

Houston, we finally are ready for take off!! But not too far a flight! lol We are finally in the back yard, at the ground level of field experience!! It has been since the end of the last eclipse in August that any of the readings were directly in the back yard, directly in your personal field of life. We have been gathering and assimilating all kinds of new energy between August and now. That said, there is still a lot of things coming together in each persons field, so much so, I may need a few days to really understand this part of our evolution. Then again, we are between two systems again. The new moon, which takes in (or is that let out) the energies of this last quarter of 2018 and the full moon which brings in the energies of the first quarter of 2019.

As we were talking about these moons in the Nations Tuesdays class, our teams let it out that between these two systems will be a “black out.”

the moons.jpg

My handy dandy humble artwork gives you the same visual I received thru class. The black is the new moon of Oct 8th and the white is the full moon of Oct 24th. The magnetic energies are already stretching out to converge in the middle, that black out time on the 16th and 17th.

Of course, the moment I heard we are coming into a black out, I had a melt down. I have a full schedule on the 16th, thankfully the 17th is my day off. I was called out by spirit (as I always am lol) I bitch when they do not give us a heads up on dates we will not be able to see, and I bitch when they give us a heads up. I am just a bitch I guess lol.

One of the readings talked about the energies coming form Hurricane Michael!! I couple what was shared thru my mans reading and all the profound energy reconstruction that took place in the ET class we are doing, it is all connected and so purposeful that this storm system came in as a cat 4, 2 mph below a cat 5. I had no idea about its strength until last night.

It was explained thru my mans reading that it is purposefully named Michael to be associated with the energy of truth and protection in that truth. Of course, we know that angels as we invented them, do not exist in spirit, but the collective attributes do. With Michael, the attributes are truth and protection. That entire energy is a part of this hurricane system, clearing out the lies that have been laying around for eons, clearing out debris fields of forgotten lies that still are affecting the many lower collectives (what we call the fear collectives.)

It is not by accident this storm formed and released itself from the gulf of mexico, there is a large ET base at the bottom of the gulf.

At this moment, Michael appears to be exiting land thru Virginia Beach and going back into the gulf (always subject to change.) Here is a link to its path, but also, if you pan out, there are a couple other systems to the left and right of it, developing. Clear Virginia up before I get there, please!! lol

Speaking of… I have ordered my packing supplies, booked a mover and sitting here doing all I can to not panic. Why is it, that each time I was moved to move, it was always at the end of my financial rope. When I left Virginia in 2010, I had nothing at all to move with except $200 for gas, which of course, changed by the day I left thanx to my son throwing me a goodbye party. When I moved from New Mexico to Florida, I wasn’t in as bad a financial shape and sold everything I owned to get to my mother. The biggest common denominator thru those two and this experience of moving on a dime, is you. Thank you so much in getting me this far in preparation. My daughter is buying my riding lawn mower, so she will cover the next payment of the movers (paid in thirds of $500 each third, the last third on delivery.) Ohhh the adventures of life and trust. Now if I can only manifest a magic carpet to float me to Virginia, that would be freakin awesome!! lol

Anyway, my day is about to begin its next phase. Thank you for Being and Doing all that you have done and will do in the days, months, years to come for this amazing place we call, life on earth!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of deep and never ending gratitude filled with Love to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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