Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 9, 2018

The Fullness of the New Moon!!


These days are crazy wild and so unpredictable!! Especially in the field of readings!! I cannot even fathom any long what may or may not show up. Yesterday, it was a dozy of a surprise. I truly expected to get nothing since it was the day of the new moon, but nope, each person that showed up added a detail to the whole of the system at hand. I drew you a super humble diagram of the way yesterday ended, visually (only tremendously prettier than I can create!!)

Power of New Moon 10.8.18

My first lady that showed up, I could see the new moon hanging just above the treetops directly over her center-field in my back yard. There was this gold cloud like formation that wrapped around the upper half of the moon. It wasn’t until a few readings, more added details later did I even come close to understanding what it was, a super charged band of magnetic energy being pulled into the center of the moon.

When my second lady showed up, two opaque (not pink, but I needed to color it to show up in my art) orbs showed up on top of the gold cloud thingie. Her team explained that these are north and south nodes. We were also told to not look at anything linearly, not everything in the universe is laid out the way our brain is programmed to see and understand things. I do find it interesting they were consistently refereed to as north and south nodes, yet had everything to do with the north and south poles of the earth.

Her teams explained that the north node was in relationship to the energy of this last quarter of 2018, the south node, the first quarter of 2019 and both were drawing in energies from each quadrant and again, infusing it into the center of the new moon.

I had done all I knew how to do to look below the moon, to see how it was affecting us. There was nothing below the moon. Their teams explained that what is below the moon is in a supra-quantum state and not viewable nor understandable.

Even tho every person got rescheduled yesterday, not an ounce of information that came thru was “personal,” it was all planetary, I read for each one cuz without them, this understand would not take place. You are a true, unique puzzle in the grand scheme of things and hold details that no one else on the face of this holds.

I was rather surprised when my third lady showed up and I got nothing. It is not until this morning that I understand that even nothing, is something. The pause point in our journey. Or maybe, the in breath is better stated.

My fourth lady that showed up surprised me.. I was able to see just beneath the moon, these large (going to scale of my vision, 2 inch moon drops slowly dripping out of the moon.

Keeping in mind, I got these visuals usually moments before our connection. With my 4th lady, while I was waiting for her to call me and after getting a glimpse of her moon drops, I decided to see if I could see me, what would add to this emerging puzzle. I was actually surprised to get something!!

With my lady’s golden moon drops, it was explained that it was all the combined energy coming into the center of the moon, being released out to all of the earth plane. Altho I was able to now see about 6 inches below the moon to get the detail of her and my energy additions, nothing else was viewable.

My addition looked like a burst of rain that was in the light blue spectrum, and my team stated it was crystal rain. The moment I was finished with my lady and walked back into my house, a sudden burst of actual rain came out of the sky and only lasted a few moments before it stopped. I had to smile.

When my grand finale showed up, the only man in the field for days, the moment I sat down it started pouring outside. His team said his addition is the weather patterns. Intense release of all this energy.

I still have no idea how this is all going to play out in our days to come, but I am understanding that each and every one of us holds a unique energy that assists the evolution of the planet and all that is of the planet. When even one person leaves the planet, planned or unplanned, that energy is left behind to continue on as needed.

I don’t know much more than that. Let’s see what todays readings provide!! I do have to mention something very interesting tho. As my calendar gets super crowded with reschedules (everyone yesterday was rescheduled) I decided to open Wednesday, my day off, to book two of yesterdays reschedules. One lady on the eastern time zone will be read at 10 am her time, my man will be read at 10 am pacific time. What are the chances that two people being rescheduled will be read at on the dateline of 10/10 at 10 am in their world. It was not planned that way, but the time they would be available. Hmmmmm…. interesting!!

Just a quick update on my ever changing world. I have decided I am going to hire movers to take my furnishings to Virginia. In the long run, it is much cheaper than having to buy new furnishings again. The estimates are coming in at about $1500 and all include (so far) 30 days free storage.

Just a note about my schedule. I blocked off from the 31st thru the 7th of November. Mostly because I am not sure how long the drive will take me from Texas to Virginia. My hands have a really hard time holding the stearing wheel for long periods of time, so it may take me longer than usual to get to where I am going. I do plan on working two days after getting to Valorie’s house and up thru the day she goes into labor. She is due on Nov 13th, but we know babies don’t always keep a schedule. So just be aware that Novembers schedule may and probably will shift around a bit.

Well, the next phase of my day is about to begin. With all my heart and soul, thank you to each and ever person helping me thru this crazy, changing, moving time. I would be stressed to the hilt without your loving assistance. We all thank you for loving us so much!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))))) filled with gratitude and super charged moon drops to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

All take and no give is just unacceptable for me. So I am doing the 50% off special again thru the 13th. Thank you so much for helping me thru these intense changes, again!!! More (((HUGZ))))


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