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The Seeds of Your Garden Coming In Thru the New Moon on the 9th.

new moon

Holy wild times batman!! The one thing that has always been my constant was mornings and that seems to have forever flown out the window!! On the 5th there was an energy coming in that felt like it was crushing my skull and reflected itself in the field as well as thru many peoples bodies too. I suppose it was the last big push before the energies of the new moon (on the 9th of this month) started to be released yesterday. It has me excited!!

Instead of the energies coming into the body (tho, my body didn’t get the memo) it is planting seeds of energy into every ones field of life.

I am not sure I explained this before or not, so I will do it now (or again) here today. I realized that when the visuals show up in my landlords field (as opposed to my back yard) the energy is happening directly from the soul realm, in prep for whatever is coming up in our physical world/life. Considering we have not been at the ground level of readings since the final eclipse in August, that is a whole lot of sou/spirit prep for this next adventure!!

Yesterday was the first time since August, our center fields became tied in with energies. Every person had a black arch of energy that started in my landlords field and arched over the fence to what is your/our center fields (my backyard.) It was explained that this is to be understood as each persons field of life, their new garden if you will. The black of the arch was in full relationship to the new moon energy and I how I see the new moon, a black circle. The arch had no more meaning other than it went over the fence line as opposed to having to move thru obstructions. I love when spirit makes something easy on me, understanding wise lol.

That said, no two people had the same seeds coming in. One looked like pumpkin seeds, one was star energy/seeds, one was strands of multi colored energy that came directly from the central sun (source/spirit.) All were infiltrating their life field, buried just under the surface, waiting for the new moon to germinate what is ready to be germinated.

It was explained thru each reading that this new moon has a /\ formation to it. The center point is the moment it is in full new moon state, the lines represent 24 hours before and after its apex.

What is unknown, even to spirit, is what will germinate first. Too many variables (and free will) at play for them to know beforehand. We tend to think of spirit as all knowing, not even close!!

My last reading for the day, man oh man, blew my mind. She was scheduled at 12:30 pm my time. I looked at the time on my phone, it was 12:28 so I mosied out to the back porch to get ready for her reading. When I loaded skype up, it was 1 pm!! I don’t think I walk 10 feet from my bedroom/office to the back porch, there is no way a half hour passed by!! Granted, I walk slow these days, but not that damn slow!!

My day started out with time weirdness too. My alarm clock never went off, which I checked it was because somehow, Saturday became unticked on my alarm. So my day started and ended with a bizarre time(lessness) element.

When we finally got up with each other, I was shut down, except for this constant dizzy I kept experiencing when talking with her. It is going to be interesting to see the what and why of that experience. Even this morning, I was hoping to get more understanding as I write, nope. Sometimes, spirit can be so tight lipped about things. Kinda pisses me off. Not that they care about that, ever lol.

Maybe better stated, nothing they can do about that. I had a a melt down last evening with any one that was listening (spirit wise that is.) I do, totally understand the field, what can and cannot be revealed yet, which creates the need to reschedule many days, many readings. Not to mention the ongoing affect these energies have on my body. It has put me in the midst of a financial collapse. I broke down and put an add out for a roommate, had some replies that wanted a furnished room for the money I was asking. How did I completely forget all my roommate situations in the past were with completely furnished rooms. I can’t furnish it, and to drop the price, I would need two roommates to make my ends meet and I’m not even keen on one. Then of course, I have the situation next month, I am supposed to go to Virginia to be with Valorie and Alex as they welcome their new creation, Zachariah, into this world. Unless a miracle drops in my lap, I cannot do it, nor have the heart to tell them that.

So in my human suit last night, and giving my team grief about my physical and financial situation, I thought about my moms trailer. If I would have kept it, my rent would only be $210 instead of $1200. For a moment, I had regret in selling it. Until I was reminded of my oldest daughter and youngest grandsons situation back then and how well they are doing now. I truly would do it again and the regret left. So then, I thought about (many times now) moving to Virginia to help and be helped. Of course, that takes as much money as staying put.

Then we have this whole body thing going on lol. I hurt, all the time. Driving hurts. Sitting hurts, standing hurts. The only time I do not have physical discomfort is when I am doing readings. If I could only do that 24/7, it would be great!! lol

In my discussion with my team last night (more like fits of anger being released lol) I did ask them about stepping back in time to do readings, so we can do our sessions without being on the edge of creation and having to reschedule so much. They explained to do that, would give inaccurate information because the past is changing the future. So what was predictable even 6 months ago, entered the landscape of unpredictability due to this energy surge we are in.

Even this morning I am reminded about our timelines not being linear, only perceived as linear. All we think, do and say, affects all timelines, all situations, all outcomes, no matter what our calendar states.

On that note, our ET adventure is about to begin. Now that is a wild ride!! (The 4 week class we are doing, we are in week 3.)

Just for the record, I keep a lot of what is happening in my personal world, out of my sharings. I am trying to work it all out from the inside out. But my team has been harping on my sharing, since so many are dealing with things similar. Chaos of all kinds precedes change, for everyone.

I love you all, soul very much!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of new moon fortified fields to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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