Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 4, 2018

Entering the New, Evolved YOU!!

new energy within

Now, to pick up from where I left off yesterday….

What I see and call the two earths passing and enhancing each other, energetically, or eclipsing each other, is creating a brand new energy mixing the old earth purity with the new earth enhancements. It took me a few days to completely understand the set up of the readings, of the field and what it was trying to relay thru each day, each person. I finally have a concept.

The first day the readings became visible again, I was only getting what I call previews or seeing in my peripheral vision, before the connection happened. In its own way, the previews were all action oriented, from the soul level of movement. One lady was diving into the new vat of energy filling up my landlords field, Another, in an embryo sac floating gently to the “sperm.” This example made things the clearest for me today. The soul is moving us to the right place, right moment to the event (whether its a person, group, place on earth, experience, whatever) that sets off the new blueprints in our next phase of evolution. Think of it like bring born again into the new version of you.

Another lady was playing some version of hopscotch, hoping around on tiles that were floating above the ground (everyone was above the ground and not on it) until she hit one particular tile and fell thru that tile. Once she fell thru, I could no longer see her. Keeping in mind as well, all these visuals came before our connection time. At the time of each appointment, nothing!!

Again, it is only today that I understand the fullness of that day. We are all in some sort of movement from our soul directive. Some just floating towards their ignition point, some will have to dive deep into the unknown and others, still working out where and when they will be ignited.

The next day, we actually did some readings!! Talk about a light-aholic finally getting to drink straight from the Source!!

This day of readings provided a lot of information on the energies coming thru this eclipse as it relates to each person. What I see as the new energy changes form and substance depending on who I am reading, making it so unique to them and their agenda in this next phase. How it is interacting with them is equally unique unto that person.

There was this one lady that is standing out in my mind, not only was she getting this energy from the eclipses she had a very particular sun shining down on her too. This was a sun like I have never connected with before, highly energetic. It wasn’t our sun that was for sure..

It was explained that this sun is from another universe, enhancing her energy body from that realm. It was also explained, that there are only 6 people on this entire planet that is resonant with this particular sun energy, she being one of 6. The rest of the planet has been shadowed out to make sure not to be affected by this sun exchange. It was also explained that spirit still keeps a back up plan to a back up plan, but that the other 5 people do not have the consciousness to work with this energy system yet. Their consciousness will not be groomed for opening unless my lady does not fulfill her agenda.

Each and every one of us has an ability, gifts, that are unique to us and us alone. This is what is being opened at this time. There is a wide collaboration with our star family and spirit taking place, this last quarter is going to be a boot camp of sorts in perfecting ourselves in harmony with other’s skills.

Before I scoot off to start my day, I have to share this ET connection that I had yesterday. It was all about enhancing the magma of the earth and redirecting three in particular flows deep in the ground. Targeting three volcanoes, that in my visual, appeared to be close to each other, but I cannot say for sure that is true or just a way of this Being getting the point of three across. However, what was stated is there will be a time when these three erupt, sort of like a domino effect. The purpose is getting this new energy out and into land forms. The when is unknown, from yesterdays vantage point (always subject to change with more information) it felt like after, some time after the earthquake.

On that note, my day is about to begin!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with crazy times inside and out!!

Lisa Gawlas


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