Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 9, 2018

The Fly’s Eyes!! Ohhh My!!! ET’s We Don’t Suspect!


I think I fill a book about the uniqueness of our friends from the skies and other planes of existences, if I could only find the words to describe it all in full detail!!.  What I am learning about how many of our various species got to be here….  But let me tell you, the last ET connection topped the cake of cakes!!

The moment the connection started there was this freakin big ass fly hoovering over my lady’s field.  I mean BIG, like an airplane size BIG!!

Of course, I tried blinking it away, sure I was simply seeing things (acid trips have noting on you and what you bring to the field lol.)  But of course, that was not happening.

The luminosity coming off these gigantic, translucent wings was life enhancing in a way I cannot even describe!  Then there were these two huge fly eyeballs with lines of green and gold.  Look at each eye, one at a time was uneventful.  I knew the background of the eyes looked black, but not the color black, much more alive.  It wasn’t until I panned my vision back to look at both eyes at the same time did things change.  It was like looking into the abyss of the sky that started to slowly draw my consciousness into their space, at the same time.

Of course, all the while there was communication.  I kept asking what the hell is that and trying to blink it away.  I did find out that it was their ship that they projected to me as a fly, with purpose, of course.  Their ship is in a vibrational field far outside of our ability to see it.  So they toned it down and gave it a guise to help my lady see the bigger picture.

As I was drawn inside, there were these beings that looked like a cross between a tall skinny gray and Steven Spielberg’s ET.  I so wish I could draw!!  Especially this next part…

They explained that there is nothing that lives on or in earth that came from here.  All was seeded from so many various planes of life existences, including what we know as flies!!  These Beings use the flies to see us, to see the light matrix that is ever living thing on earth.  They showed me how they see, how the flies see and how they use various flies too assist.  They assured us, they are not peeping toms (smile) but assist where needed thru flies.  All species of flys (and no, a dragon fly is not a fly lol, it was asked!!)

Each blade of grass has its own living light matrix, every human radiates it’s own amazing uniqueness.  With all my heart, I wish I could show you how you really look to flys and these amazing Beings, even in a dysfunctional state, the beauty and radiance is amazing!!

They explained that they send energy thru the flys to assist.  Enhancements where needed, light infusion where needed and so on.

Then she showed me two sets of human consciousnesses, my lady that I was reading for and someone wayyyyy out of the field we live upon, the frequency field that is.

Whatever thought was going thru my lady’s head in the moment I was speaking, bubbled out of her consciousness like an array of soap bubbles emitting light from her thought.  Who ever this other person was that they showed us, was in a bad way emotionally and whatever thought was going thru their mind at that moment, bubble up like thick black  oil.  They showed us how they send light rays to the bubbling oil to help assist the frequency of that person, thru the fly!!

Even the ships fly looking-ness had purpose.  They radiate this spectacular energy as they move (their ship does not fly, but literally moves from one location to another faster than the speed of light moves.

Let me tell you, I will never look at a fly the same way.  Granted, they are not all working when we see them, but I don’t ever want to take the chance that the one that dies, is the one that was!!

Now on a completely different note, what we are becoming capable of doing, or assisting this amazing earth with and her inhabitants, is simply jaw dropping, of course, if we are willing to put in the work to understand and apply it all.

We are all going thru such deep, intense change at not only the cellular level of life, but at the very light level too.

There is so much taking place, within us and around us, today tho, is one of the first days I feel clear and energized!!  It’s been rough in body and especially this crazy thing I call my mind!!  I started this blog yesterday but completely fell apart and stayed apart all day long.  Bless my daughter, she was trying to tell me stuff and I just could not absorb or comprehend what she was saying!!  May today, the way I feel, be the start of something new and long lasting!! lol  And for those of you who can relate to my prior moments, may it be yours too!!

Until the next time….  I love and miss you all so much!!  I am at the end of the finishing touches on what I am doing with the Nation and its Memberships (I completely lost yesterday in task oriented anything.)

In honor of today being 9/9/9 (1+8=9) lets throw a yummy special together!!  Let’s do something I have never done before… sticking with new in all phases!!!


Use coupon code:  EarthBuilders  good thru 9/11

I love you all so much, sorry for the lack of output from me, I am changing too!!  Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder, grace and loving fly’s lol!!

Lisa Gawlas

To book a reading click here:


We will be connecting and joining the various ET’s that are assisting us thru this amazing time we are in.  Helping us to understand how to work together with them and with each other in their/our unique skill sets.

We will meet via webex every Sunday at 10 am CDT for no less than an hour.  First class starts Sept 16th the last one is Oct 7th.  All sessions will be recorded and a link to the recording sent to all participants.  I will send a webex join invitation as you sign up.  Limit to the first 20 people.

Co-Creative (interactive) meditation skills required.  A plus if you already have contact with your ET Team.  *If you do not have contact with your friends from the stars, book an ET connection for 30% off ONLY if you join the workshop.  Use coupon code: ETConnect


Chose which Tier membership best fits your desires and join today!!  Thank you for your love and support!!

Tier One:  $11 a month.  Full access to hundreds of hours of prerecorded classes and information.  Full access to all new Tuesday nights “week in review” recordings.  11% off all readings or specialty classes offered thru the Nation.

Tier Two:  $22 a month.  Full access to all previous and new recordings, including specialty classes.  Full participation in all live Tuesday “Week in review” webex sessions.  22% off everything offered thru the Nation.

Tier Three:  $33 a month. Full access to all previous and new recordings.  Full participation in all live sessions and 50% off specialty classes.  33% off all else offered thru the Nation.

Full Membership: $48 a month.  Includes all of the above, free inclusion in any specialty classes,  50% off all readings as well as one FREE 15 minute reading a month.  (This will be added to the page today.)

*All live sessions and classes done via please download the software so you can participate.  Invitations will be mailed out before the first class/session starts as well as 5 minutes before the start of each session.


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