Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 4, 2018

Consciousness, DNA, Altering Life.

altering dna

Movement!!  I love some movement on the field!!  We are finally half way down the blue line and a little bit more of our next crazy adventures are being revealed.  One of the most interesting things that came thru yesterday was about our consciousness.  It actually kinda floored me.

Keeping in mind when I see the mental planes, our working consciousness is looks so much like this:


The center part around the pineal gland in the brain and then of course, spreading out.  Believe it or not, those who firmly realize they don’t know crap, have a much larger/farther reaching mental plane than those who think they know something.  I never really understood the difference before until yesterday, coming thru a precious souls reading.

Her team explained that when we are connected and aligned with misinformation, our mental planes contract or shrink.  We have reduced what is able to come in a be reveled.

This information was stated while my lady was talking about trying so hard to eat “clean” food while her body craved what is perceived as, not healthy food.  Her team explained that our bodies are changing at radical speeds, what it needs to fulfill the changing DNA and emerging new biology is not as we think it is.  There are things not grown in nature, but created by those what splice foods together, be it in genetics or ingredients, that our body must take in in order to feed whatever is changing.  The example they used was processed foods.  There is often a chemical found in that particular food that actually enhances the changes, not take away from them.  But we are so aliment in what we believe is true that we don’t see the gift in change, or honor what the body sends out as craving signals.

When we get set in what we think we know, the expansion of the consciousness or mental planes at the physical level contract, we purposely shut out any information that contradicts what we want to believe.

There is another huge learning curve I experienced this week as well.  When you ask about somebody in your personal life, I pick up their energy thru your energy field.  Never once did I think that what is being revealed thru the reading is tainted with personal (the person I am reading for) perceptions, but it is.

Equally, a persons personal perceptions embed in another’s energy field as well.  So if they are having a hard time with something or someone and we are upset or maybe even a bit judgmental, that adds to their struggle.  Our entanglements and affects are deeper and much more far reaching than we realize.

What we have to realize is we came here to be life changers, not only in perceptions, but also in the realm of DNA and energies.  Combining energies that have never been combined before, creating hybrid energies, and infusing them into the biological realm of earth life.

This information was dropped to us a long a time ago and is in use in our science industry.  Like everything on earth, we work out the kinks of what does not work and move towards what does work and is best.  When we start to judge or get angry without any positive action (from our part) it actually serves to hold the “what does not work” in place longer than is needed.

If we really knew and understood what we think of as the more highly evolved Beings from other realms, we would realize that they use genetic splicing to assure the incoming soul a perfect vehicle to use.

We have many friends from the skies wanting to partner with us, to expand what we know about ourselves and bring more technology to our working universe.

It all makes me kind of excited about our upcoming ET workshop.  There are so many different hmmmm, I am not sure what to call it, abilities, focus areas, change, coming thru various ET’s that show up for the person I am reading for, it is going to be so interesting to see how they work together!!  I love me some new adventures and this one will be out of this world (smile.)

Anywayz, my day is about to begin.  I swear to god my body has so mixed up its days and nights.  I wake up with less energy than Ii went to sleep with.  Forgive me for being days behind on my emails, its been a bumpy ride in this body this past week, energetically speaking.  I am just so grateful it has not affected my ability to read, everything else, yes, but the readings have been crystal clear!  YAY!!??

I love you all soul much!!  Happy September to ALL!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, laughter and a lot of sleep to and thru the ALL!!  (smile)

Lisa Gawlas

To book a reading click here:


We will be connecting and joining the various ET’s that are assisting us thru this amazing time we are in.  Helping us to understand how to work together with them and with each other in their/our unique skill sets.

We will meet via webex every Sunday at 10 am CDT for no less than an hour.  First class starts Sept 16th the last one is Oct 7th.  All sessions will be recorded and a link to the recording sent to all participants.  I will send a webex join invitation as you sign up.  Limit to the first 20 people.

Co-Creative (interactive) meditation skills required.  A plus if you already have contact with your ET Team.  *If you do not have contact with your friends from the stars, book an ET connection for 30% off ONLY if you join the workshop.  Use coupon code: ETConnect


Chose which Tier membership best fits your desires and join today!!  Thank you for your love and support!!



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