Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 28, 2018

Our Changes and Focusing on Group Harmony!


Man, my sleep cycle is off the charts upside down and sideways.  I am almost always awake til midnight or 2 am and barely wake up before the sun any longer.  I was hoping this was just an energetic phase, but it has been months now.  I suppose with all the biological changes happening thru us, so too, the biorhythms change as well.  I cannot say I like it.  It leaves my morning lacking the time to write!!

Not to mention that August alone, was a deep dive inwards too.  Not at the conscious level of diving, at least, not until I woke up yesterday.  I cannot look at the field and all the changes happening thru us, the changes spirit is preparing those I read for, for, and not realize I must have my own in store.  Of course, most of my changes are coming thru the way I work and what I do/offer.  For the better part of this year, spirit has been consistently saying we are moving into group energy.  Learning to work together as a whole unit, individually, as one.

Doing the advanced meditation class showed me just how incredible and how far and deep we can go together as a group.  Same with our Tuesday night Nations classes, what I cannot recall at all in my mornings to share, come flowing back when we are talking as a group and goes beyond even what I understood thru the readings.  It truly is participating and sharing with a group of people who cleared their energy fields to the degree, nothing has limitations!!

So starting in September, I am going to be revising everything I do and how I offer it.  I will be removing the 3-4-2 packages with September 1st.  With the last days of August, you are welcome to take as many as you desire before they are gone.

I am going to be changing the format of the Nations paid memberships into three tiers.

$11 a month gives you full access to the hundreds of hours of class information and all the specialty classes we have done in the past year, including several on meditation.  includes specials that are offered just for Nation members.

$22 a month gets you invited to our live Tuesday classes to participate and share, inclusion in our service directory and 22% discounts on other things I offer.

$33 a month gives you full access to everything, all specialty classes/workshops that will be coming out every month, 33% discounts on all I offer, and of course, what is mentioned above.

This (hopefully) will launch on the 1st of September, or last of August.

Starting in September I will be offering specialty classes/workshops.  Two I will start in September is the advanced meditation group and the ET Connection (for advanced mediators) running 4 weeks each for $59.

I want to share two of the readings with you before I close, from yesterday.  She really puts the crowning glory on what I am shifting towards myself.  (smile)

First tho, I had two amazing ladies show up, one after the other, dressed in wedding gowns, long trains behind them as they both descend down the downward slope of that blue line.  With both my ladies, they were told it is the “Divine Union” underway.  It felt different than any other “Divine Union” we have talked about in the past, something beyond the merger of masculine and feminine, body and soul, yet I cannot tell you what that is.

My one lady, she is just 17 years old, I have been blessed to read for her since she was 14 and watching her come into her own, humbling.  She was given the energy of the blessed mother in her reading and the thing Catholics celebrate in May,  I still cannot recall what that is.  But her team said it was the month of May that is important to her.  Her completion int his phase of her personal evolution.  She has lots of homework to do, understandings to start playing with.  She has some amazing Beings from other realms assisting her understandings of what she brought into this plane of life and how she will be using it.

My lady after her, I had to blink several times because again, she too was dressed in this wedding gown as she came down the top of the hill.  Her team assured me, this was for her too.  Ahhh I get a small cheat for a change, since I now I understand the dress.

But unlike my young lady, who had a veil over her face (her time is May) she had this amazing crown on her head, a brushed (dull) gold with 9 points on it, each point containing what I will call a crystal, amazing energy from that crown.

It was explained that the entire crown is from a 9th vibration plane of life.  None of these crystals, nor even what I see as gold, exists here.  The gold growing in a very specific vibration, very much like a key on a piano has its own vibration.  As the gold itself matures, it produces its own crystal as a part of itself.  When those on that plane in-charge of harvesting know when the crystal itself is completely ripe and ready to be harvested, they harvest.  There are Beings that then take these individuated gold crystal bars and forge them into, well at the very least, the crown my lady was wearing.  The nine points and various crystals keep their own unique energy and vibration, but the rim of the crown was forged in such a way that all the unique attributes of the points, work in harmony as one.  This is who and what we are now.

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I love you and so miss sharing with you in my mornings.  But I am sleeping thru those times these days/weeks/months!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) filled with indiviuated group harmony to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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FOUR DAYS LEFT to purchase any 3-4-2 (buy two get one reading free) packages.  They will be removed September 1st.



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