Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 21, 2018

Our Changing DNA While in Body!


Phew baby, what a plunge these last few days have been!  For me, it always starts with voice loss, if it is a big planetary plunge, then the rest of my body kicks in.  Sure enough, Saturday and Sunday I was couch bound with off and on low grade fevers and moving energy thru my body that I cannot say was pleasant to experience  Finally, the end of Sunday that tell tale sign that this was finishing up, my bowels exploded and with that, my voice returned!!  Yay, I can snoop out the field in the morning and see what happened.  Not!!  I had a voice when I woke up.  About 30 minutes before my first reading, I had a series of sneezes that sounded like I lost my voice again.  I did a test “hello” and I was audible.  Got to my first reading and the coughing started the moment I got ready to start her reading and my voice left the building.  It was still gone when I tried my second, then came back in-between my third.  As soon as we said hello, coughing and boom, gone again.  This became the way of it all day long.  There was no way of talking with anyone, even if I had a voice a moment prior, it was gone in my attempt to speak to another human!!  Even my daughter!

I know without a shadow of a doubt this all stemmed from the wormhole, mental plane washing ET experience I had on Friday.  Most of my psychic resources were down thru the even horizon happening in my body, at last, until this morning.

One of the things “oinky” pointed out, his vibration was too high to come to the earth plane.  He had two helpers that do that for him, including the one that showed up as my favorite martian to reschedule.  At the same time, no human has come in direct contact with the pure energy of his place of existence, until I showed up.  What I call the mental places car wash experience was actually setting my whole DNA and energy field, to open to handle it and integrate whatever that was… that is!

On that note, I am shown the down time to process/assimilate the energy and the threads of that assimilated energy moving outwards to every human that resides in the same collective as I do.  We want to be very clear, there are so many various collectives that reside on earth, only ours can handle it at this moment.  As we assimilate thru all of us, we send our strands outwards to the collectives still moving into the higher octaves on their ascension journey.

With that information, I am also being asked to create a group of advanced mediators (ones that hear, see, experience and do co-creative meditation) that will be a conjoining of ETs from many galaxies to start our work, in earnest, together.  It will start in Sept and run initually for 4 weeks.  Let me get my ducks in a row and I will have the dates, times and fee posted tomorrow.

Another thing that was brought to my awareness this morning, as I asked about my extreme memory loss each morning.  For the life of me, I cannot recall so much of the exciting details from the day prior.  It is vividly explained that it is not for me to remember, nor share.  The information coming to most people are unique to their vibration and experience skills.  What I can remember, is for the all to know and use.

On that note, I cannot wait to see what has happened thru all of us these last few days.  So far I have a voice, may it stick thru all the readings too!!!

Thank you for your patience and enduring my ever constant changes (and rescheduling.) I love you all soul much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of radical changes to and thru the ALL

Lisa Gawlas



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