Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 9, 2018

Eclipse to Equinox.

eclipse energy

Man oh man, what a wild ride in the mental planes this past week or so has been on me.  Most days I have woken up so lethargic it is all I could do to function, forget place coherency into a blog.  Yesterday, my first day off in weeks, my to-do list a mile long, I woke up feeling like someone tarred my mental planes.  I had to read some emails several times before I understood what was being said!!  I must have gotten up 3 times to vacuum, by the time I got to the vacuum I was so exhausted I had to sit down again.  Because I ran out of my inhalers two days ago, and coffee yesterday, going to the store was no longer an option.  Giving Walgreen’s my phone number for my kickback card was so challenging.  I kept crossing my new mexico number with my Texas one, like my brain had no idea which timeline I was existing in.  When they asked for my zip code, it was just gone from my mind and I could not recall it.

Ohhh and pulling out from onto the highway from where I live, I always look both ways several times before I make my left turn, and I did the same yesterday too.  I about shit as I took my left turn a car was directly in front of me turning left onto the street I was coming out of.  Technically, one could say that is an impossibility since there were NO cars anywhere around. Once I was safely on the highway, bitching to my team about my safety, I heard them simply reply, timeline jump.  No wonder I couldn’t get a grip on my digits by the time I got to the store.

This week in readings, which I guess I should call, reschedules, was all focused on the electrical currents coming in from the eclipse on the 11th.  Each person had their own unique way of showing how the electrical currents are affecting them, but no one at all has anything I can see on the other side of the eclipse.  Another reason I have no put out many sharings this week, the information is constant, we are all being electrocuted!!  lol

There is one constant piece of information coming thru the reschedules (I can see, but not beyond the eclipse, that does not make a reading in my book,) we will go thru a “cooling down” period after the eclipse.  I pray this cooling down comes with more energy and efficiency than these last couple months.

In just one connection I was able to see a snippet as we passed thru the eclipse to the other side.  The magnetic field of the equinox will already being pulling out the germinated seeds of life to create our next version of our Selfs.  Obviously, we are still undergoing whatever that means to us.

The advanced meditation class that just finished up, was given a meditation that really helps us see the cooling down period and what it may mean to them and all of us.  So I may as well give it to you too.

Imagine you are standing on the eclipsed us, way up in the sky.  Just in front of you is this wooden door held there by only a door frame of the same light blond/tannish wood.  As you open it and start to go thru it, you realize there is a down slope to this energy leading directly to another door made of the same material that is at the ground level of life directly at the equinox.  Each step downwards to you/our next version of evolution is going to reveal something to you. Take time, go deep, assume nothing at all, every step of the way.  This is not a speed meditation but one that desires deep exploration and understanding.  Most importantly, leave what you think you know on the other side of the eclipse.

I am not sure we are going to see much today or tomorrow in the field of readings, but, one never knows!!  I did schedule off the 11th so I do not have to say those words… reschedule!!

On that note, another day begins!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of full on electricity igniting dreams unimagined!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Because I know we are going to be going thru massive and quick personal evolution from with to without, I am running a package special.  Book 2 BEFORE the equinox and one AFTER the equinox.


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  3. Inhalers? Healer, heal thyself. Psychic, ask about your OWN dis-eases – has it ever occurred to you to ASK WHY you feel a need to use inhalers or why you’ve had psoriasis your whole life? No really! You seem to want to help others SO much Lisa. I get it. Service is important. But your OWN healing will go further towards helping others than anything else you could “do” for them. You can only give as much as you’ve got. That applies to everything from material things to Consciousness. Get your priorities straight! Heal thyself Lisa.

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