Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 2, 2018

Change and more Change. It’s About Time!


My entrance into the energies of August was far from graceful!!  Mid-afternoon on the 31st I went down hard.  I could not keep my eyes open, so closed them for a minute, 4 hours later it was 8pm and it was not long before I was back to sleep.  Completely sleeping thru class, for which, I am so sorry to leave everyone hanging!!

When I woke up in the morning and realized I completely slept thru class, I immediately started an email, which would not send.  I tried and tried until I got a notice from gmail that my account had been suspended.  What??  I could not for the life of me figure out what I was paying google $20 a month for so I stopped my payments.  Well, it was for that email address (g suites) set up by my webmaster.  I have to figure a work around for that, so please do not send any mail to and if you have, I have zero access to it.  Same goes for the website mail, it is forwarded to the above email address.  So for now, either forward any mail previously sent or send currently to until I get this figured out.  Sadly with that loss, was all my email addresses for the Nations paid member’s.  I am going to have to had set them again, but… we will do class tonight (I had GiGi duties last night.)

So all that aside, man is it a mixed bag on the field this week.  We are starting to grow our next adventures and continue solidifying (so to speak) our new frequency levels of adventures.  Then are those with X’s as my view, in such a state of change I cannot see them yet.  One lady had a new sort of red X yesterday.  I wasn’t even sure what i was seeing at first.  Every red X is usually placed standing up somewhere in relationship to the persons field of change, this gal and it embedded in the ground itself almost transparent.  Her entire foundation is in change, the earth she walks and lives upon is in change.  Where some are in biological change, some in immediate environment change… what kind of change, we won’t know until they emerge from it.

I had one lady really take me by surprise, instead of having an X it was as if her front side of her or even across the ground, she was getting boarded up in the front side of her field.  Her team explained she has taken in as much eclipse energy as was needed and now she is going thru…. I am not quite sure really.  They gave me the relationship of when a hurricane rolls in and we board up the windows.  I could see behind the boarded up area to her and they were pulling strings of energy out of her solar plexus and sacral area.  The only thing I was allowed to understand was pulling out old “treads” and relining with new.  The new so new it is not in my visible spectrum yet.

This is a crazy, interesting, life altering moment in our creation history.  I am finding it more and more difficult to stay oriented to time, the date, the hour, the calendar in genera;.  I had one lady show up on the field, with so many pendulums (think, grandfather clock) swinging in various speeds.  It was explained she will be one of the new timekeepers in this higher frequency field.  Each one of those pendulums were assigned to a different dimension/frequency where time moves differently and at different speeds.  We are feeling the effects of that in so many ways.

Here is hoping our bodies figure out what dimension it is in quickly and adjusts it sleep cycle accordingly without messing up our day!! lol  One can hope!!

Until next time… I love you all!!

((((HUGZ))))) of timelessness and wild adventures to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Well, it’s now the 5th of August! I have the feeling that you are having a worse time than I! I so wish I had some idea what is going on! Add in my brain injury, boy oh boy, I am so confused! Thank goodness for my wonderful partner, he is amazing. Talk about computer problems, boy oh boy, I have been having big problems….. groan ! He does not understand computers, but it looks like he is going to have to learn more than just the basics. I am sending you much Love & blessings, Lisa, hang in there! I Love you so much, and I send much Love to you ALL! Hugs & Kisses Sylvia xxxxxxxx


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