Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 31, 2018

Incubating the New. Eclipse Meditation Included.


Gotta love an full on shift in the field.  Of course, we knew that would happen after the lunar eclipse.  Much to my surprise, only one person out of 4 were on the ground.  One lady was swinging in a hammock about 20 feet above the earth, another standing on top of the tree at the right of the field, another “hanging on for dear life” by her hands on a rope stretched out from right to left about 40 feet above the ground.  There was only way person in yesterdays reading that was actually at the ground level and it was because she was assisting Gaia cleaning up the debris being released from the electrical fields coming thru from the August solar eclipse.

This, I feel, gives us all a perspective of where we may be at as we move  closer to this final eclipse series.  My lady in the hammock was keeping rhythm with time with her swaying back and forth, however at the ground level of her field, there were these beautiful baseball sized light blue translucent balls of energy.  I watched as the energy bolts from the eclipsed sun already started coming in to give these balls life, the activation of life.  I would watch as the nucleus came alive within the ones being struck.  Of course, all I want to know is what is that, what will it become.  What I could not even feel was the emotional frequency that was within any of them.  It was explained that is because she has been indecisive about her emotional output, so the energy is in constant change.  Which will also become indecisive events on her life field too.  Ohhh, I finally get an example of how this could play out (I sure as hell didn’t understand it yesterday.)

This is only an example… Lets she you wanted a new job, sorta.  You do but don’t, and then you apply for this exciting job opportunity, it feels as if you are going to get the job, only to find out someone else got it.

Keeping in mind, the energy should be on the emotion, not the “what,”  Example, focusing on the desire to learn new things in your own spiritual abilities could very well create the movement towards a new job that would provide just that, along with caring for your daily needs/well being.

My other two off the ground ladies were simply not interfering with the process already underway at the ground level.  Neither of which I understood at all.  One had these little mounds of energy dots all around her field.  Her team called it the zygote stage.

My other lady hanging by this rope stretched from left to right, at first I thought she was becoming invisible as I could only see her from the chest upwards and even that was translucent.  Below the chest, nothing.  So when I looked at the ground level of her field, there was this massive opening that went way down into the core of Gaia.  I could see what looked like lava bubbling way down there, releasing god knows what upwards to her field.  It suddenly donned on me that she wasn’t becoming invisible, but visible!!  Every person on this planet has moved to a higher realm of frequency than they were at before this lunar eclipse.  There is no such thing as “ready” for it any longer, it simply serves to speed up the events in life to take us along our evolutionary path.  Some of us that have done the inner and outer work are going up several frequencies.  In that case, the energy of biology must assimilate those frequencies into itself and become sustained as your/our new personal Life Force.

Let me quickly change the subject as my day of readings is nearing.  An wonderful meditation exercise was presented to the class on Saturday that I want to share withe everyone to do, if you so desire:


Imagine you are standing outside, in a beautiful area that bring yous so much love and peace.  It could be someplace familiar or someplace you create on your own.  Feel the loving peace filling you as you stand there taking in all the beauty and bounty of life surrounding you.

As you breathe all that in, look up to the sky and off to your left you will see a brilliant sun shining down on you, directly above you, a full moon in all its glory, and to your right, another sun shining down on you.  None will be eclipsed, but shedding the full brunt of awareness to you.  Even the full moon is radiant in the sun lit sky as if it was night.  That’s the beauty of meditation, no limitations or restrictions!!

Take time breathing in each one, one at a time.  One meditation at a time.  Fully integrating the energy as emotional frequencies of Life.  Keeping in mind, all things are conscious.  What is conscious can and will communication.  If you are feeling something but do not understand what it is, ask the energy you are participating with.  Even if you think you do understand something, affirm what you think it is to the energy and it will reply in a way you can understand.

Once you have connected with each individual energy, then see and feel the three streaming in and blending together just above where you are standing.  These three energies now creating a brand new hybrid energy just for you.  As you assimilate and take it in, it will start to create something…. it could be something in form, an inspiration, a direction, a pathway that opens up, really, anything at all.  (I got two bing cherries connected at the top of the stems as one.  My intention is to eat some bing cherries whenever I get off my butt and go to the grocery store, to do my understanding that way.

Have fun with the experiences!!  Until tomorrow!!  I love you all soul very very very much!!

(((((HUGZ)))) filled with emotionally focused new beginnings to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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