Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 19, 2018

The Higher We Go, the More Time Speeds Up!


There is no doubt we are all feeling the unhinging of time as we knew it.  It is getting harder and harder for so many of us to stay oriented in what day it is, what month it is, and often times, what hour it is.

Over the last several days of reading, a lot of information has come thru about time and how time is changing.  Very much like fire now has a new element to its Beingness, so to, does time.

This avalanche of information started with the 2nd half of an ET connection.  My precious lady did not do the homework assignment her ET friends gave to her thru her first connection, and one of her ET friends showed banging on a watch on his wrist with his finger.  The faster he pounded, the more I felt it in my body. Suddenly waves of “time” were visible from where he was placed moving towards us.

It was explained (I am not even sure if was thru her reading or one of the others, or even if this came thru class this past Tuesday) that as we reach higher frequencies of light evolution, time as we know it is changing, what we would call, speeding up.  But also, there is another distortion being added in as well.

Thru one of the readings, it was explained that what once took us 10 months to achieve or experience, now takes 10 weeks, as we go thru these eclipses and thru the equinox, 10 weeks will reduce to 10 day, then 10 minutes then 10 seconds.

Which means, if you have opportunity to learn and apply something (what I call homework in readings) and you don’t do it, the time passed to get it done.  That will be given to someone else to accomplish.  With that said, keep in mind I do not read for those still stuck deep in density, where time is as it always has been.

There are so many versions of earth all interplaying together at once.  If we looked at earth like a disco ball each tiny little square would represent a different frequency of light, of time itself.


light and time.jpg

Unlike the squares in this image, the placement/location of each frequency and time itself within earth is never stationary, but moving.  Always moving.  You could go to a place and stand within 4 different frequencies at one time, they do not so much overlap as they converge.

In class Tuesday night, our teams placed the most wonderful 3D visible board (as opposed to a chalk board) in front of me, just above my computer.  I could see the fluttering layers of interdimentional space (separated by a thin filmy looking substance) and now these time waves attaching to various dimensions, holding them open as the energy from from here to there and there to here.  Equally I could see a person in a different dimension while thinking they were in earths dimension, and even, straddling two places or more, at the same time.

There is so much more happening with what we call time that I simply do not have the words or even, the analogy to share with.  Because I see it in vivid detail, I kinda, sorta do understand it, but not verbally at all.

I have got to take this time (since my team is really wanting to express this) how invaluable the people that show up and participate in Tuesdays class is.  It is our combined soul light that unfolds so much information, and alters the very fabric of this world simply by being Present.

We are accustomed to having to focusing on a particular anything in group settings.  Example, a group focused meditation.  However, Source energy does not do that.  That is practice for the human changing.  The Nation is Source thru us in a very particular, Present way that enrich the ALL in a way nothing else could.  It is why we created the Nation in the first place.  So, from All there is to ALL that you Are, thank you!!

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I spent the first hour trying to freakin upload the classes, still not able too.  I finally popped an email to squarespace and awaiting a reply.  I have a feeling tho, I may have used up my allotted storage space.  We will see.

Big big (((HIUGZ)))) of Time_Less_Ness to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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