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Understanding The Energy System We are In and its Phases and Sub-Phases.


Man oh man, I woke up yesterday and instant fog hit my brain.  I could not think at all, as the day went on, I became so depleted energetically I could have slept all day long.  I had one rescheduled reading to do at 10 am yesterday, opened my mouth to say hi, it was like a car backfiring.  My voice choked and sputtered and just turned off.  Thank goodness it was a scheduled day off or I woulda been pissed.  Not that spirit cares about my pissed-off-ness!!  So I did nothing at all yesterday except babysit my grandson!!

That said, skipping a day of sharing when there is so much information that is new and needs to come out, I cannot retain it all.  So today I am cheating once again and I am going to share with everyone Tuesday nights Nations Class.  I already know I will miss sharing half of what we talked about and all of it is so important, so here it is, Overview of July:

Lisa Gawlas NoL Class
Overview of July


I am not 100% sure that download link to the class will work, just incase, here is the link to the Nations blog:

At the end of the class, I suddenly seen this amazing flower that started on the back end of the first eclipse and ended at the full lunar eclipse at the end of July.  This was a stunning new visual that I really had to ponder the depth of meaning of.  The petals were so amazing, almost a deep lavender in hue, with this maroon and blueish threads running thru each petal.  Not for a single second did I think… life blood!!  These petals indeed formed a very large flower (spirit explicitly said has nothing to do with what we know as a the flower of life, stretching from the solar eclipse to the lunar eclipse.  Each petal n part of our emotional field in bloom, the threads I see is the lifeblood (emotions) feeding it.

In the center (between the eclipses) was the pollen producing part of the flower.  I googled that part of the flower and I had no idea there was so much to it.  I am going to include a picture, click on the link to go to the website I snagged it from, there is a lot of information there that will help us all understand our pollination of our next phase of creation:


If you look at the center of the flower thingie, those long bulbous parts is what spirit said are our individual emotional seeds of life creation.  It will be a huge opportunity to really decide of that is where you want to take your life.  Don’t focus on the big obvious parts, that becomes very misleading, its the smaller, lesser noticed emotions that culminate into the bigger picture.  Go deeper than ever before.

Ohhh, something I did mention in class but want to make sure I put here too.  I did an ET connection a couple days ago and was stunned that I did not recognize the energy signature of my lady’s Pleiadian friend.  I have an intimate connection with the Pleiades and it was so forgien to me.  It was explained that it was due to the recent upgrades of our friends from the stars who assist us, of ourselves and all the bits and parts of the earth realm that is now in a fully different frequency and biological output.  In its own way, it is forcing us all to tune into higher frequencies.  Keeping in mind, older frequencies will always be there, playing in loops of time.  Be careful your not accessing what was and focus on what is in all our connections.

Speaking of time!!  Another tasty tidbit before I have to wrap this up for today.  This event of solctice/eclipses/equinox energies is a singular event with many phases and sub-phases to it.  Altho I speak in timelines, associations with the calendar, none of it is etched in time.  This entire system began the first of June and completes the last of September, but the bits and parts inside, not really associated with time.  This is why I am still seeing people at the beginning of June, a lot still working with the solstice energy, some crossing into July and so on.  There is no behind or ahead, the only thing that matters is your conscious participation thru the game and not trying to rush to the next phase before you fully understand and finish up the one your in.

Have fun my lovelies.  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wild rides and unexpected turns to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

(Because I am so ET curious now:)


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