Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 2, 2018

Welcome to the High Energy, Very Electric Fields of July, Thru YOU!!

electrical energy

Welcome to the hazy dazy time of July!!!  The last day of June had me experience something that was so amazing, so surprising that having to reschedule that day, seemed ok for a change.  My very first appointment, a virgin on my field!  As I do with every new person in a reading, I was explaining to her how I do a reading and what she can and cannot do (please note, there is nothing you cannot do lol) and suddenly it was like this massive, penetrating, beautiful energy started pushing against me, and I realized it was completely pushing me away from her field.  I tried the connection anywayz!!  Same thing only I could see all kinds of sparks of energy flying everywhere.  I fully understood that her soul was pushing me away in a very protective manor.  I could have hung there in that push all day long, it was soul warming!!  The rest of the day, no more soul pushes, just, nothing.  At least I fully understood why.

So yesterday, sooo strange!!  I swear it all gets stranger and stranger.  My first lady had what looked and felt like shaving cream coming up out of the ground in a 10 foot radius around her, slowly piling upwards, filling the entire space around her body (slowly, over the next three days.)

I will just explain based on the readings I did yesterday, overall, what I understand about these first three days of July.

Massive energies are pushing up thru the earth, into everyone’s root chakra for enhancements.  If I can once again remind anyone still “grounding” that is old frequency practices, unless you are trying to anchor back there, stop it please.  Imagine you are on an elevator going upwards and you have a chain around the very bottom beam of the mechanics, you will not only stop the upwards momentum of your body, but also cause harm as the shift goes up and you are pulled back downwards.  We are ALL in an upwards moving elevator with the earth!!

That said, there are massive energies coming up from the earth, and coming in thru the energetic fields of July, enhanced tremendously by the two eclipses hosted in July’s energy bank. All engaging at the core level of your/our emotional frequencies.

If we can look at our emotions as various seed energies, germination is now underway.  A coating is being put in place around everyone’s immediate energy field for directive of those energy currents.  Think of something like an electrical wire, the higher the voltage, the thicker the coating.  Please don’t take that to mean good or bad, it is simply highly potent energies coming thru us for creation.  If we have unresolved emotions they will turn into life experiences faster than ever before.  Warnings from spirit are still going out!!

If I am understanding the information from yesterday, we have thru midnight on the 3rd of July to fine tune our emotional output.  We sure do get a lot of chances to adjust our output, so if anyone consciously co-creating ends up with a landmine moving forward, check ones consciousness level and historic information alignments,

I am already running out of time today, woke up late.  So let me quickly share my last reading of the day, she was still in Junes final energies.  I could see a step up into July and she was soooo filled with trepidation about moving into July, I could feel the pressure in my heart.  That is when the info came thru that even tho I target datelines with my understandings, June is a three day event in ending and does not align to a calendar as much as it does ones personal energy structure,  Same with July, 3 days of sealing up the energy flow in various materials based on what you got yourself into in this phase.

My second lady, who was also soul pusher from the day prior, had large sheets of wood coming up as her insulation.  What was so astounding was the wood things were made of every single tree that ever existed on earth since day 1.  There is a collaborate joining to assist her in bringing knowledge and things to the party of now.  NONE based on previous thoughts or understandings.  Our past has been too polluted by misinformation,.

Before I run of morning to share, I want to put out information that has come thru our Nations Class twice now, thanx to our incredible bringer of questions, Jane!!

We have an earthquake coming.  It will be an 8.5-9.5, when and where, I am not sure at all.  God forbid spirit gives us too much details.  They did, however, give me a birds eye view of earths digestive system, represented by our own human bowels. It was gross, but I got the point.  Earth is always moving energy, waste matter if you will, thru the various places we know as fault lines, the ring of fire and the energy changing magnetic grids beneath the earth.  When this material builds up enough, it MUST be released, the higher the earthquake, the purer the energy transformation is.

Well, time for a busy day in teh field of new knowledge!!  Thank you ever so much for showing up so we can all learn thru your personal effort to know YourSelf more!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of electrical charges growing the wonders of you!!!!

Lisa Gawlas



All classes will be recorded and posted in the members section of the website.  Everyone signing up for meditation class will have one full month of full membership to the Nation so you can not only listen and download both classes, but all the classes we have ever done.  Membership will expire July 31st.

Click the below link for more information and/or to register!!  All classes will be recorded and everyone in the class will have full access to the recordings!!

Meditation Class 1: Every Saturday in July at 2 pm Central time via webex. Starts July 7th concludes July 28th. This is for those still needing to find their soul vision, hearing and co-creative skills in meditation.

Meditation Class 2:  Every Sunday in July at 10am Central time via webex. Starts July 8th concludes July 29th. This is for those who frequently meditate but are unsure how to release complete bias, enter the zero point with co-creative consciousness.
You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.

You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.



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