Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 30, 2018

Even Our ETs are Upgrading. The Multiverse Frequency Enhancements Underway!

energy of evolution

I have been doing ET connections for, I don’t know, about 5 years now and something was revealed the other day, thru my attempt to connect, that just knocked me off my feet.

The majority of ETs show up at the back tree line of my yard. Some to the right, some to the left or center but usually there in some postion(s.)  Much to my surprise, when I started the ET connection for my lady the day before yesterday, just behind the tree line I got this great big old windshield wiper rhythmically swiping back and forth.  What the hell is that??  There was no rain, storm like energy, yet this massive wiper doing its thing.

I looked behind what would be a windshield like energy system, to see what the hell… there were three strands of energy initially at a single point at the back of the shield, spreading out in three directions.  I could only see about a foot and a half behind this shield thing, but it was enough to evoke a conversion with my ladies ETs.

What I was experiencing was a barrier between us (humans) and the more distant multiverse, due to the intense energies being experienced beyond our realm.  Many of the ETs are equally in a state of upgrades (to use my words.)  That information stunned me.  Even tho I know all life in all forms are in a constant evolution purpose, yet, I never think of our friends from the skies needing to upgrade themselves.

They also explained that in their state of evolution, it is far beyond my scope of vision at that moment.  However, they are also evolving their human friends that have the highest possible potential to actually do the work the connections bring.  They are doing it from the mental planes.

Think about it, we are not only getting hit by the releasing of all this intense earth energy, assimilating the new elements, being electrified by the sun and moon, we are also being tweaked by ongoing enhancements from the multiverse Beings assisting us.  To be clear, not everyone is being tweaked by the ETs, just those strong enough, determined enough, to go inward for deeper understanding and actually assimilate that understanding into outward action.

Once again, I must give a shout out to meditation.  It is the most efficient way to connect with our friends from the stars.  That said, with all three aspects of your spiritual attributes in play (hearing, seeing and feeling.)

When I attempted yesterday to connect to my ladys ET, even tho the day prior the group said that I would not be able to have a reliable connection until we cross into July (who am I to take anyone’s word for that lol) I tried again.  That damn windshield wiper picked up some serious speed in its back and forth motion.  Acceleration is at hand.  I would bet, if I had a connection to do today, the wiper would be going so fast I could not see it.  Today does conclude June.

Normally I would be saying thank god, but oh no, not this month.  We are entering massive energy systems thru the three eclipses.  This is not a time for wishful thinking but truly for conscious creation!!!  We have new attributes coming available, but if we look in all the old familiar places, we will not find them.  Which really makes me excited about the meditation class 2 starting the first Sunday in July, it is all about discovering the new.  I have taught many aspects of meditation over the decades, but never this!!  I love a learning curve!!  Especially when it is thru group energies and you all can tell me what you learned and experienced thru the weekly homework!!

Take this day, do emotional inventory on yourself.  Amp up the things that fill you will wonder, allow for the things that will make you stop in your boots (these are growth spurt opportunities) and release anything that keeps you in judgement (cuz much will come of that if you don’t.)

On that note, watch the electrical fields of July, they be banging new growth thru all the multiverses!!!

Ohhh Thursdays class finally uploaded today and is now online!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and awe!!

Lisa Gawlas


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All classes will be recorded and posted in the members section of the website.  Everyone signing up for meditation class will have one full month of full membership to the Nation so you can not only listen and download both classes, but all the classes we have ever done.  Membership will expire July 31st.

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Meditation Class 1: Every Saturday in July at 2 pm Central time via webex. Starts July 7th concludes July 28th. This is for those still needing to find their soul vision, hearing and co-creative skills in meditation.

Meditation Class 2:  Every Sunday in July at 10am Central time via webex. Starts July 8th concludes July 29th. This is for those who frequently meditate but are unsure how to release complete bias, enter the zero point with co-creative consciousness.
You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.

You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.


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