Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 29, 2018

Emotional Creation Intensifying. Be Conscious of Your Emotional Output!!

output of emotional creation

Holy emotional tidal waves batman!!  The enter focus on ever reading yesterday was all about the emotional field of creation, the only field creation springs from.  There are two ways to really dive deeper into your emotional output, two places to look.  Your personal field first, foremost and all-ways.  Then the collective/people you surround yourself with.  You can be as clear as spring water, but if the people around you are deep in the muck, it will affect your spring water.

water merging.jpg


This an image of only two water ways, image if it was 10 or 20… this is only a positive thing if the mucky waters are there near you for clearing up.  Often times, in our day to day life, it is quite the opposite.

Conscious choice is more key here than ever before.

With all that said, we are all being purposely placed in situations that will evoke various emotions within us, for a double check.  Often times, we are so accustomed to a particular emotion we do not even realize the detriment coming from it.  The creation we are building for ourselves, for our ongoing evolution experience.

Let me give you an example that spirit used many times yesterday (in class and in readings.)  When I opened facebook a memory showed up with a meme.  I decided to repost the meme because I loved the message.  It was created by something Canada, so I also sent love to Canada above the meme:




This innocent post evoked a deep reaction about Canada from a beautiful soul that really took me by surprise, emotionally.  The timing was divine, since the reaction and the emotion was used twice in readings as example of becoming more conscious of our emotions.  What is triggering what, and finding out why.  Because the more we focus on what we don’t like, don’t want, its the emotion that is building more of that experience.

What becomes even more detrimental, and this is where being aware of the collective your surrounding yourself with, becomes crucial, when others align to what is being refocused on.  Staying with this wonderful meme example, it would be those that are unhappy with Canada’s current state of Being and emphasizing that over the true message of share good fortunes.

The field of unbiased creation is not nit picking anyone’s emotional field.  Instead it is magnetizing into creation that which you feel strongest about.  In truth the group would be forcing bricks of solidness into keeping Canada the way it is, instead of removing the elements that are the way they are, to allow loving change.

If we can keep our focus on what we do love, pour our energies into that, what we do not love eventually starves to death and falls.  But yet, we, as a human race, consistently do the opposite.  It comes from past programming, now deep habits that need to change into different ones.  Not only for the good of each ones personal field, but the wider, group field too.

The biggest thing that came thru the readings yesterday, beside the tweaking of emotional fields, is the thinning the shelter of emotion to creation as we move into July.  The lag time is reducing substantially.  I have always said we get 10 minutes to be human, well, as I started to say that once again in a reading yesterday, I was corrected.  We now have 5 minutes to be human, then regrip ourselves to the spiritual zero point of whatever emotion we are spewing that creates unpleasantness for us to learn from. And key words, learn from.  There is no such animal as punishments at all.  We are never punished, but dammit if we do not keep recreating same scenarios because we have not addressed and changed our emotional responses.

If your emotional spiritual side has become solid like ice, get out the ice pick.  But do it thru meditation.  If you are trying to change your emotional field from the outside in, it will be a long, arduous journey.  The obvious is not the trigger root, it is what bloomed from it.  Go deeper.  Wayyyyyy deeper!!

In that same vein of understanding, be careful of the emotions you are placing on and within your (and others) biology.  We are in a time of vast and quick change, within the earth and within all life, including, if not especially, the human race.  As you come to a point where you body seems to be working differently, adversely, focus on whats changing, no digging in the closets of the past.  Because as long as you dig into the past as your first choice, you are emotionally charging that emotional frequency back into your realm of experience.

By focusing on what is changing within you, your place your emotional field there first and foremost, any remnants of the past become secondary to change.  If the knowing of what needs to be released comes thru the initial focus of whats changing, it becomes like water washing away the debris.  However, if what needs to be washed away is all you look at, it becomes water for your garden of growth of that frequency again.  Not saying the same experience, but the same frequency of emotions that created…. whatever…. in the first place.

BTW, I have spent an hour trying to upload last nights class, an error keeps happening,  I will keep trying thru the day and post the success moment on the nations facebook page.

On that note, my day begins again.  Until tomorrow….

(((((((HUGZ)))))))) of electric charges to emotional creation of unconditional love and joy to and thru ALL!!!  (I completely forgot to mention all the electricty… tomorrow!!)

Lisa Gawlas


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You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.



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