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The Expanding Energies in the Nucleus of Our Cells.

cell nucleus

It really is just a dream in time!!

I suppose, living in a world of “what goes up, must come down,” then it would make sense that “what goes in, must come out.”  For three days I was taking in the most intense, condensed energy called, your fields.  It is a very psychically felt energy, but then again, every reading is.  This time frame isn’t different in that way, except the intensity and concentration of every beam of energy.  I must mention, too, that spirit in getting their point across to who ever I was talking with, co-partnered with my whole body to speak.  I am not even sure how to explain this one, it is like nothing I ever experienced before.  I had mentioned in one of my other blogs that they enter and target a particular energy center to release their messages, but at the same time, it is also a full body cellular event.  Kinda nice, really different, didn’t think too much about it, until recently since I have been down now for the past two days.

When I laid down to go to sleep Sunday night, my lungs were very aware of the energies moving around.  Until yesterday, I had no idea what was really happening, only that breathing was super challenging (and remained that way thru yesterday.)    When I tried to do my first reading on Monday morning, I felt like a squeaky toy that burst.  There was sound then…. just… gone.  This time, with a twist.  Trying to even force a whisper hurt like hell.  Not only did it make my lungs convulse, but it felt like there were dull shards of glass in my vocal chords and it hurt forcing any audible sounds.  That has never happened before.  Keeping in mind I have or had no soar throat at all.  As I am in my own little bitch-fest with spirit for having to reschedule, again, so soon, I was shown the energies I took in thru the readings like really tightly would spirals of energy, that were expanding.

In this (ongoing) expansion, my lungs are adjusting the only way they can.  My body, from head to feet, swollen.  The inflammation there as a protective lube, as spirit says, doesn’t feel very protective at all and various parts of the body get stiff (the muscles), then release, freeze up (the joint areas,) then release.  Yesterday, my bowels decided to become part of the action taking place inside me.  I swear gravity was working against me.  The moment I stood up… potty time!!  All day long.  I got up three separate times to send out an email to everyone in class that I could not talk, so class will be delayed until my voice came back… every attempt was rerouted to the potty and then I just forgot.  I am so sorry, I did put a notice on facebook tho.

All that unpleasantness aside, I am able to see what is happening.  Imagine a countless number of tiny, tightly bound spirals of multicolored energy sitting at the nucleus of every cell.  When enough of the cells are embedded, an outward winding/spreading process must take place.  It unwinds, spreads out, in various sections of the body.  Of course mine started with the lungs, which always affects my vocal chords.  In my line of work, the two are not separate from each other at all.

Of course, thankfully, not everyone will be as physically affected by these energies, even tho it is happening to all life, not just mine.  By virtue of what I do and how, my body must be the teaching ground for me to understand and write from.  But many are finding pockets of unpleasantness within themselves as well, pay attention, this is where changing is taking place first and will have the biggest effect on your new adventures moving forward.

During our meditation classes in July, we will target exercises on how to do this and how to get out of preconceived bias while exploring your amazing body.  I am stunned at how many people are still attempting to do “healing,” which is like trying to hold the ocean back from the shore.  Yeah it could be done for the short term, but long term, it will explode forward anywayz.  Granted, there those still embedded in the denser earth who really do need to work on letting stuff go, but even this, is not done in the way it was.  The light frequency is so high that even the novice can change the programming in a few short days/weeks, depending on ones own dedication to Self.

Well here is an interesting. incoming statement from spirit.  Last year, many people were given the direction of understanding the new elements coming in.  These elements are here and part of this expanding energy system we are now living thru.  These new elements are changing how we need to approach the field of energy on every level.  Those that have done their homework will be at the forefront of assisting in brand new ways, never held in this realm before.  It is time for you all to step up if you haven’t already.

I was hoping today would be the re-entry into the field.  Nope, I just called my daughter and nothing came out of my mouth.  BUT nothing hurt trying to whisper and I actually slept all night last night for the first time in 2 nights.  Progress.  I am very hopeful about tomorrow.  Usually when the bowels kick in, its end stage energy changes.  We will see, nothing is usual any longer.

I love and appreciate you all so very much.  Hand in hand, heart in heart, we are doing this thing, even if we are hobbling thru doing it!! Ahhhh to be in this crazy human suit!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gentle expansions and wonderful outcomes to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.





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  2. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve had a tough time with my bowels over the past few years (age and poor eating plus energy surges). I went down the rabbit hole of how to fix it and what a journey!

    I use to have up to 12+ bowel movements per day and now I’m normal. (Which also contributes to our bodies not uptaking the nutrients from food, leading to fatigue, etc). If you are interested, I can send you some bullet points of things to try which aren’t necessarily hard. Like, eggs are a major food trigger for me so I cut out eggs and it totally helped.

    The energies are SOOOO hard on the physical. It’s helped me tremendously to not also be hard on my body with what I put in my mouth!

    Let me know if I can help.

    Julie xoxo


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    • Thanks Julie, I lost 19 kilos with advice from an author (was mainly the sugar diet) with research on eating correctly, very detailed. I was thrilled, then I fell down an escalator backwards! At the same time I was beset with a shoulder problem (rotator cuff) Doc said I was too old to have it fixed (?) so now I am in a world of pain. I too had the eggs problem but, now that I am taking medication, the one that was fixed, was my bowel!! The main food I had to give up was mushrooms, & related food types, the one thing I cannot do now is to exercise! My husband bought me a walker, just this week, but my back is so bad, seems that might also have to stop! I was fascinateted to read that it is not worth my healing myself?? (Forgive the spelling, I had a stroke just before Xmas!! ) I was just getting back to meditating, now I am confused by that! I am so lucky to have the Love of so many kind & Loving people sending me healing. Should I not now accept healing etc??? Many thanks, sweet Julie, I really appreciate your comments & hope things get better soon!! Sylvia Melaynia xx


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  4. Lisa, I too have had a complete lung disconnection of the physical body from the spirit body.  Happened Wed. night.  Really hard to breathe and screamin” pain to cough.  Thurs. morning, thought I was at death’s door.  Aspirin seems to help.  Hope we all get to better times soon.  Sandy


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