Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 25, 2018

The Expanding Energies WILL Collapse by the Equinox. Wake Up Events in Store too.

the light of waking

Wow, spirit is not pulling any punches at all these days.  To the degree, when they are redirecting you in whatever way is needed, the energy enters one of my power centers (chakras) for emphases.  I had one yesterday come thru my sacral chakra (sense of Self in the world) and start talking so fast I had to play rewind in my memory just to catch everything.  Let me set this particular reading up before I share that (smile.)

As most people are in the field, my lady was standing near the solstice pole (which I see as about a 20 foot magnetic pole) when suddenly the ground she was standing on opened up and sucked her down, created a U shape that went behind the solstice pole.  Where the other side of this U shape was (behind the solstice pole) it started emitting this really pretty energy, in the shape of small tear drops completely opalescent in frequency.  It created an outward and slightly upward spray of energy.

I (eventually) realized that she was being placed back in the beginning of June to “retrieve the emotional frequencies she left behind.”  Her team finally gave us some understanding about what she left behind.  This is soooooo important for everyone to really understand and go beyond.

There are so many classes, techniques, schools of thought being put out there there days, most of which are a good starting point for those needing direction on how to. (fill in the blank.)  More often than not, we want to replicate what we learned, which actually limits/hinders what we are capable of.  If we can use that as a base (whatever “that” is) and then go into meditation, and go way beyond that into your very own, personal, unique to you, skill set to see how you are going to modify it to do what you came here to do.

Of course her team gave her (meditation) homework to start fully freeing that energy and then stated that (we all) have til the September equinox to reset our course direction, then this intense energy system we are now in, closes like an accordion, we are either squeezed out to the rear or the front.  As far as I understand (subject to change with more information) we will be repeating our own history lessons or forging in the new, unheard of landscapes!  The choice, as always, is ours.

Also, somewhere in the midst of someones reading, she asked about, a sister or daughter or something and, well, she was over in my landlords field, facing the corner in a spiritual “time out.”  She was dressed in a full length night gown and my lady’s team said that those that are sleep walking have major events coming up to “wake them up.”  That there are still too many in this dressed for bed position and more must awaken.  How these events will play out was strictly hidden from my snooping eyes.  So we will revisit this with her next appointment.  I know “awakened” people still in their jammies!!!  (Not everyone is as they appear to be.  This too, is part of our hazard.)

Another wonderful theme I am starting to see now is allowing your inner child to take you where you need to go.  Once you get there (somewhere around the first eclipse) the adult will need to engage to make the choices at hand, but for now, let the curiosity and adventurous nature of the child be the lead.

The one thing I am sure of as well, each one of these eclipses are boosting us deeper and more clearly into our emotional creation.  Clearly does not mean we are clear, just the outcomes will be clear!!  Speaking of clear, there are still so many people thinking they need to clear themselves, which in these energy fields of intensity, is actually putting smudges to clear back on.  I know that sounds like a contradictory statement, but we all know those still carrying old wounds around and those who think they are, but aren’t.

Last but not least, as I connected to my last appointment yesterday, my voice started croaking.  It held itself in place thru the reading, thank god.  This morning, I had a 7 am reading scheduled, and it blew out.  I am sure it is because I have not allowed for any days off thru all of this month and these energies, ohhhh my dear good god, intense, condensed and well power-full.  I am hoping it returns by 9am, my next appointment.

On that note, I love you all, soul much!!  Thank you for keeping me/us straight by showing up in the field.  ((((((((HUGZ))))))) of boundless new adventures to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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